Candidates for the 2021 Isle of Wight Town, Parish and Community council elections (updated)

Find out who is standing to join your town, parish or community council in the upcoming elections

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Candidates for Isle of Wight Town, Parish and Community council elections have been announced.

There are 66 wards with candidates for the upcoming elections.

Many of the seats will be uncontested with the number of candidates matching or below their allotted seats (see full list).

The election takes place on the same day as the Isle of Wight council elections and Police and Crime Commission elections – Thursday 6th May 2021.

Page down in the document below to see the 66 notices.

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4.30pm 12th Apr 2021 – Link to number of seats per ward added

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Some epic battles lie ahead!!

I see most party political members using their standard tactic of keeping their membership quiet on the town and parish ballots. For example in Ryde West, Lou Temel is a Conservative Party candidate for County but merely a ‘Concerned Resident’ for Ryde Town Council…

What past local issues have all these new candidates got involved in and publicly submitted their opposition to? Do any of them fully understand the responsibility of time and commitment to the county, town or parish council and the ward they represent? Four years is a long time. Too many communities have been let down in the past because not enough thought has been given to this… Read more »
Angela Hewitt
Thanks for publishing this list. Do you know which wards are uncontested and how many seats n each ward. There must b a list somewhere. Sorry to see so few women standing. In Ventnor only one out of 15 are standing for election. No women in Whippngham, no women in Shorwell, none in Northwood and none in Brading. Of course men know so much more which explains… Read more »
@ Angela. Was there any need for the sexist remarks? I don’t care what sex the candidate is as long as they can do the job. That also applies to any other differences. I would assume that those that wish to stand are doing so. You don’t have to vote for any if you don’t like them. Equality and all that, eh? Or would you prefer so-called… Read more »
Equality is paramount to healthy councils. And when you look at the current balance of men to women in councils, is it any wonder that women are put off walking into that? Look at the vitriol that women MPs go through regularly in the media. To be a woman wanting to serve your community, you have to prove that you are exceptional AND balance all of those… Read more »