Cheetah Marine Planning DCC Passed

18:00 at the County Hall, Newport.
(My (limited) comments while at the event in italics)
Mr Cornwell speaks. First covers the character of the area.
It’s inside the conservation area and development envelope. This brings a higher test for a building. Also subject to a development brief.
(Photos …

18:00 at the County Hall, Newport.

(My (limited) comments while at the event in italics)


Mr Cornwell speaks. First covers the character of the area.

It’s inside the conservation area and development envelope. This brings a higher test for a building. Also subject to a development brief.

(Photos of the site being shown)

The proposed site stands alone – no obvious theme to base the buildings on. Proposal has picked up on the fish processing plant.

This end of the Esplanade is run down (run down?!?! It’s a car park)

(Now looking at plans, etc)

Building at the end – to provide a ‘visual stop’ and to mask the ‘rather harsh eastern elevation of the main building.’

14 interior areas on the building are shown.

(Just shown sketch from the County Press)

Traffic movements – Two boats a month from the CM estate. Boats are either dispatched by sea or going away by road. Proposed conditions – audit of the roadway has been undertaken, some of which are too harsh as they are

(CM visualisation now shown – Far more realistic. *Does that mean that the Planning department made the County Press sketch?*)

Conditions include – nature of the use of the building (must be marine related) – don’t want to see it go to a non-marine use, also a legal agreement covering the toilets, cafe and harbour master facilities.

In view of the planning officers, it meets the terms of the brief and is recommended for approval.

(Andrew Turner has turned up and is in the gallery)

_Public comments – one minute each
(These were really hard to keep up with as they get across so many points in only a minute)

_Prof Russell

Not appropriate
Car fumes
Contrary to the Esplanade brief
Finished just on the minute

_Steven Holmes

Air quality & family holidays are two reasons people come to Ventnor. These will be compromised by the proposed development.

With regard to odours coming from the CM buildings, You only have pass an Indian restaurant or fish and chips shop to understand that air filtering systems aren’t effective.

How does this comply?

Cowes are crying out for developments like this. It shouldn’t be on the seafront at Ventnor.

_Mrs Soames

First the boating lake went. Cars parking is lost and those driving towards the building won’t be able to see the extra car parking. The end result will be further filling of the esplanade.

_Planning make comments on public comment. (Andrew Pegram)

Different areas – different concerns.
Car fumes – any fumes will dissipate quickly
Lost parking places – Officers find 19 spaces will be lost, but this has been balanced by space made at the end of the car park.

_Sean Strevens (Three minutes)

We want to complement Ventnor. We need infrastructure to support the Haven. We will not make boats – we will continue to make them at the Industrial estate. Build 20 boats a year (£20,000 go to wages of each boat). Some boats will go out by sea, others by road. Marketing of boats are best done from Ventnor – rough sea show them well. Boat trips could be possible.

Possibility of taking out disabled people for boat trips – we did this last week.

There will be £3/4m investment in the area. Jobs will be all year round.

_Jonathan Fitzgerald-Bond (Five minutes)

Four years since the application. SEEDA have £1m investment – harbour facilities were required. Benefits to the paddling pool users during the summer. Paddling pool will become something.

Plans to upgrade the public toilets.

Car park is seldom, if ever full (!!!!!!!!!!)

Cheetah employ 19 people, not dependant on the whims of the tourist trade.

Cheetah boats are being exported –

A ex-Chief Exec of has written saying ‘this company is a gem’

In the responses letters are normally objections but this one had 40 letters of support – all from local people.

It’s an attractive application that I recommend.


Transportation of the boats – There will be a reduction of traffic as the completed boats will be going out by sea.

_Susan Scoccia

I would like to support it.

Spoken long and hard to local residents – vast majority are supportive in one way or another.

Save Our Seaside – I was the council contact and received only two phone calls. One went away very happy with the details I gave her. The other spoke about something nothing to do with the planning application.

Items I’d like clarification on:-

We’re concerned about rubbish. What will happen?
What about parking for staff? – any allocation.
Sections 106 agreement – Requiring the toilet facilities, cafe and harbour master
If the business doesn’t succeed, is it also in the 106 that it should remain Marine use?
Controlling the dust also – clarification please.


Rubbish – condition of no outside storage of waste. Officers shared some of the concerns. Building in the East will hold the rubbish.

Usage to remain marine – Condition 2 – control use in perpetuity.

Parking – employees car ‘might imagine what they travel by foot’

Conditions on the ventilation & Extract. It’s the clean use rather than something.

The following are from the councillors

_Whitaker – 74 -> 55 parking space. All spaces something.

_Cunningham – Used to play in the pool when I was young. It’s a conservation area, pool is a unique feature – has the building got to be where it is? Could it move back a bit.

_Pegram (planning) – Officer are satisfied with the location. Pinch point will maintain that the changes will “not impinge on the use of the pool.”

_Cunningham – Officers might be happy, but I am not. I support the process and what it will do for Ventnor, but I don’t like it.

_Pegram (planning) – Moving it creates a problem with the road.

_Cunningham – It’s a compromise – and it looks like it.

(Chairman – Councillors are not normally allowed to interject, but I’ll allow this.)
_Fitzgerald-Bond – Cafe will be close to the pool, making it easier for the parents.

_Pegram – Some concerns about the distance between the paddling pool and works. 15 meters between the pool and building (the clean stuff). 35m to the main stuff.

Having listened to the councillors – I am now excited by this. It’s a great idea form Ventnor. If it’s going to create jobs for Ventnor. I’ve not been that keen on Ventnor previously, but I like the idea of this.

When there’s change – there’s always resistance. If we’d have stayed in cave man times I’d still be dragged around by my hair.

It will bring jobs to Ventnor, will enhance the Esplanade. Will be a benefit. Hope the Town council put efforts in to the area.

_Name not heard
I know the company. I know their work. I support it whole heartily. It’s the only way we can take our seafront forward.

It’s an attractive design. Big advantage to the harbour. Impressed with the presentation by Councillor JFB

_Susan Scoccia
Two ‘little items’, as it’s in conservation area.
Signage – Noise.

Advertisement – allow with a limited size. Signs illuminated will need further planing permission.
Restriction on the use and noise – (condition 9).

Design most in keeping. Will become a great asset. Will bring more tourism in the form of yacht owners.

Vote – Unanimously passed.

Tuesday, 24th April, 2007 6:44pm



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