Chris Whitehouse steps down from Isle of Wight council

In a 597-word long press release, Chris Whitehouse has announced that he’s stepping down as an Isle of Wight councillor

Andrew Turner, Ranil Jayawardena MP Cllr Chris Whitehouse

Chris Whitehouse, the Isle of Wight councillor for Newport West – who lives in Totland – has stepped down.

It’s thought a by-election for his seat will take place on the same day as the general election.

Tuesday, 5th November, 2019 1:58pm



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Well done for not printing what must have been 597 words of self-aggrandising Tory-promoting nonsense.

Good riddance, he won’t be missed by the electorate.

Alternative Perspective

597-word long press release??

Less is more. Yes, less is more!


No great loss there then!
I wonder who will be pulling Daves Tory strings now.

Steve Goodman
Good news, if he has actually gone this time; included in confused (when it suits him) unchristian Chris’ horrible hypocritical history, reported over the years in Private Eye, OTW, and the CP, is his previous false alarm step down. Some reminders, for anyone new to this: Several years ago he said that because of his mental illness he would not stand for election again; then he did,… Read more »

Is it true that Whitehouse with-held his press release specifically from OTW? Typical arrogance and gracelessness if true and also shame on the other news outlets who ran the stories with those terms in place. They should have stuck together as a protest against arbitrary censorship.


Where is the 597-word long press release then?