Cllr Brodie accuses Highways PFI contractor of being ‘shifty with information’

Cllr Geoff Brodie believes resurfacing of a road – universally recognised by local people as being a total disgrace – being dropped from the list by Island Roads, “is the usual kick in the teeth”.

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Cllr Geoff Brodie shares this latest news. Ed

The IW Councillor for Newport East, Geoff Brodie (Independent Labour), is questioning the inefficient way in which Island Roads keep local councillors advised of planned resurfacing works in their wards.

Last April the Managing Director of the company, Steve Ashman provided all Newport councillors with a schedule of works planned for their areas this year (see below).

Whilst disappointed at how little was still being done in his ward covering Pan, Barton and parts of Shide, Cllr Brodie then passed that information onto his residents in his regular newsletter so that they could plan for any inconvenience.

Condition of Royal Exchange ‘a total disgrace’
In particular Royal Exchange, a narrow, one-way road that is used by many local pedestrians including school children travelling to and from Barton Primary School and Medina College and which is a much used route by school buses serving Medina House School.

The road surface is universally recognised by local people as being a total disgrace, along with the connecting Barton Road.

Royal Exchange removed from list
Island Roads have recently been trumpeting how they are focusing on roads near schools this summer and that “in the interests of the children’s safety, such schemes are programmed during school holiday times as heavy plant machinery will be working on the carriageways” (their words).

Consequently Cllr Brodie never dreamt that Royal Exchange would then disappear off the schedule given its proximity to so many schools. But of course it has.

Brodie: Island Roads “shifty with information”
Cllr Brodie said,

“Ever since they took on the highways contract I have found Island Roads to be anything but what we were promised back in 2013.

“In my view, they are shifty with information, unaccountable to local councillors, and impervious to criticism.

“As the years of this contract pass by, they get worse. I have learnt now never to believe a word they tell me. Omitting Royal Exchange is the usual kick in the teeth from this company.”

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Friday, 3rd August, 2018 12:12pm



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Email updates?
Amazed to read glowing reports of the IOW roads & the PFI contract; this is gross misinformation. As a cyclist, it’s unsafe for me to use many roads due to potholes; swerve to avoid & I risk hitting a car! On a recent 70 min bus journey – only IOW pm option – the ride was extremely jarring due to potholes & uneven surfaces & left me… Read more »
Benny C
Overall Island Roads have transformed large sections of the islands road network. It takes time to do this. More will be improved in the future under their contract. Their work is mostly to a good standard. We all use the roads and the fact is where IR have been working, we can tell. Planned works are just that. Plans, well intentioned. No plan withstands the test of… Read more »

I apologise for this being slightly off topic. Yesterday, Saturday, I noticed that a kerb stone had dropped so far, that its top was level with the road surface. I telephoned Island Roads, the phone was answered immediately, within 30 minutes a surveyor and repair team had arrived. The repair took 4 hours to complete. Pretty good customer service I thought.

If the picture is of the offending road ( Royal exchange) then it’s in pretty good condition compared to many side roads in and around Sandown! Island roads will always take flak for what they haven’t done, haven’t done quick enough, didn’t do the right way……and I think PFI’s are one of the biggest scams of the Blair/ Brown years….BUT What was plan B. Ask any past… Read more »
Steve Goodman
? Reminder 1: for decades, Private Eye readers have known that ‘PFI’s are big scams’ introduced during the Major years and continued during the Blair/ Brown years and all other PM’s years since the cons. first lumbered us with them. Reminder 2: for the several years between when the local cons. got in and when they lumbered us with the roads PFI just before the electorate got… Read more »
Steve Goodman

Can something be universally recognised locally?
The schedule of roadworks changes all the time doesn’t it? Lots of froth and foam but precious little substance to this latest offering from Mr Brodie.

How would it be if all of the Councillors on the Isle of Wight created as much ‘froth and foam’ (credit to Tyke for that one)as Geoff Brodie when certain roads in their Wards weren’t dealt with as quickly as they would like. Cllr Brodie accuses IR of being ‘impervious to criticism’. I doubt very much that that is true though, to be fair, I would jolly… Read more »
On the subject of generating Froth & Foam, IOW MP Bob Seely shows us how in his “personal vision” aka the Conservatives’ IOW “political manifesto” No mention of having to travel to the mainland for most hospital services including chemo, via near-monopolising, rip-off ferry companies who raise their already extortionate fares during any festival or event for EVERY PASSENGER?! Nor anything about low air quality issues, or… Read more »
Without informed, interested criticism like Geoff’s our laughable administration might think it was getting away with it (it is, of course, there being no longer any route for public sanction). Move over, Mr Mugabe. “Shifty” just about describes the whole set-up here, and we all sit meekly and accept it. Sooner or later the dam of public indignation will break but by then it will be too… Read more »