St Mary’s Roundabout: Conservatives vote to go ahead with junction changes

st marys roadworks sign

The 18 votes in favour were all the members of the ruling Conservative group present, except for Cllr Tyndall who abstained and Cllr Matthew Price (Newport North), who last week led a call for works to be halted.

Thursday, 19th September, 2019 8:15am

By Geoff Brodie with 20 readers' comments

Opposing Government over housing targets a ‘waste of time’, says Cabinet member

Stop halt sign:

Even though several Isle of Wight Conservative councillors said they would oppose the housing targets set by Government, Cllr Brodie reports that Barry Abraham said it would be a 'waste of time'.

Tuesday, 3rd September, 2019 10:23am

By Geoff Brodie with one comment

‘I feel misled, it’s time for some honesty’ over PFI contract, says Cllr Brodie

Potholes on Trinity Road

Cllr Brodie says he and many of his residents feel misled by PFI contractor, Island Roads, and say it's time for some honesty.

Tuesday, 27th August, 2019 7:43pm

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Independent Labour councillor’s Budget amendment falls just five votes short

Geoff Brodie

In last night's annual budget vote at the Isle of Wight council, the Independent Labour councillor attracted two Conservative votes for his budget amendment, including the abstention of another two Conservative councillors.

Thursday, 28th February, 2019 9:23am

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Perhaps time for a ‘Labour Pro-Leave’ candidate, says Cllr Brodie

Geoff Brodie

In response to a vote from Isle of Wight Labour members to the national leadership for a ballot of its members over Brexit, Independent Labour councillor, Geoff Brodie, asks whether it's time for a ‘Labour Pro-Leave’ candidate on the Island.

Thursday, 9th August, 2018 10:00am

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Cllr Brodie accuses Highways PFI contractor of being ‘shifty with information’

royal exchange google maps

Cllr Geoff Brodie believes resurfacing of a road - universally recognised by local people as being a total disgrace - being dropped from the list by Island Roads, "is the usual kick in the teeth”.

Friday, 3rd August, 2018 12:12pm

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£400k ‘misguided restructure’ at County Hall to be challenged

geoff brodie and michael lilley

A re-structure at County Hall that will see the creation of new Director level posts and significant salary boosts to a number of other existing senior officers is being challenged by the Independent Labour and Independent Green Councillors.

Monday, 25th June, 2018 7:53am

By Geoff Brodie with 10 readers' comments

Labour budget amendment could lower council tax increase

Monopoly green houses and coins:

Independent Labour Party councillor, Geoff Brodie, is proposing to re-direct £2.2m of Conservative 'savings' (planned for Reserves) to reduce the Council Tax increase to 4.49%.

Wednesday, 28th February, 2018 2:44pm

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Labour stalwart quits the party after 35 years (updated)

Labour party letters

The Labour Party stalwart says he finds himself "very isolated from the local party leadership" and has left Labour after 35 years of membership.

Wednesday, 31st January, 2018 7:49am

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Isle of Wight Council: Get ‘act together before someone is killed’ says councillor

perilous pan lane

Cllr Brodie says the council needs get their act together and ensure safe pedestrian access to ASDA is provided before someone is killed.

Monday, 4th December, 2017 2:41pm

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Call for Isle of Wight council to support ‘Votes at 16’ campaign

vote at 16

Labour councillor, Geoff Brodie, is calling on other members to support the 'Votes at 16' campaign.

Tuesday, 7th November, 2017 1:34pm

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Newport branch of Isle of Wight Labour Party reformed

The Newport and District branch of Isle of Wight Labour Party has been reformed, with membership of over 200 in the town’s seven wards and nearly 50 in nearby villages.

Wednesday, 18th October, 2017 11:12am

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