Cllr Brodie’s budget amendment seeks lower increase in Council Tax and more (updated)

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Independent Labour councillor, Geoff Brodie, says his budget amendment would reduce the rise in council tax and crematorium fees, as well as remove the proposal to increase overnight parking charges by 100 per cent

Friday, 19th February, 2021 10:29am

By Geoff Brodie with 8 readers' comments

Call for Newport to have same free parking choices as other Isle of Wight towns

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Cllr Brodie argues that Newport is the only town centre on the Island that has no offer of at least 30 minutes free car parking in its main streets

Wednesday, 4th November, 2020 2:24pm

By Geoff Brodie

‘Road safety in and around Newport has been ignored for too long’ say councillors

Matt Price and Geoff Brodie at the town's gateway

Cllrs Brodie and Price both say that road safety in and around Newport has been ignored for too long and that, "We must all work collectively together to try and tackle this problem"

Tuesday, 1st September, 2020 4:29pm

By Geoff Brodie with 4 readers' comments

Letter: Isle of Wight Greens, LibDems and progressive independents need to make an electoral agreement

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The Independent Labour councillor, Geoff Brodie, believes it's time for the Isle of Wight Greens, LibDems and progressive independents to make an electoral agreement not to stand against each other next May in the council elections

Sunday, 16th August, 2020 11:40am

By Geoff Brodie with 9 readers' comments

Letter: Whatever happened to ‘Whatever it takes’?

Trees outside County Hall and Geoff Brodie

Geoff Brodie (IW Councillor for Newport East) says the Government needs to keep its promises and provide emergency support for the IW Council, adding "Anything less will be a betrayal"

Friday, 19th June, 2020 1:31pm

By Geoff Brodie with 5 readers' comments

What are Isle of Wight council reserves for if not a pandemic? asks Cllr Brodie

Geoff Brodie

Cllr Brodie believes 'Austerity Mark 2' will be the Isle of Wight Council's approach to balancing the books in the future, rather than using Reserves

Wednesday, 10th June, 2020 6:04pm

By Geoff Brodie with 4 readers' comments

‘Time for some grown-up working together’ say councillors after Conservative candidate wins by-election

geoff brodie and michael lilley

The Independent Labour and Independent Green cllrs say that with the Conservative candidate being elected in the by-election with just 36% of votes (whilst Labour and Green vote combined was 45%) it's time for left of centre parties to work together

Tuesday, 17th December, 2019 8:27am

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Letter: ‘Labour Party must reconnect with voters to recover from disaster’, says Labour councillor

Jonathan Bacon and Geoff Lumley at anti-austerity march

Independent Labour councillor, Geoff Brodie, shares his views on the outcome of the 2019 General Election

Friday, 13th December, 2019 6:00pm

By Geoff Brodie with 14 readers' comments

St Mary’s Roundabout: Conservatives vote to go ahead with junction changes

st marys roadworks sign

The 18 votes in favour were all the members of the ruling Conservative group present, except for Cllr Tyndall who abstained and Cllr Matthew Price (Newport North), who last week led a call for works to be halted.

Thursday, 19th September, 2019 8:15am

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Opposing Government over housing targets a ‘waste of time’, says Cabinet member

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Even though several Isle of Wight Conservative councillors said they would oppose the housing targets set by Government, Cllr Brodie reports that Barry Abraham said it would be a 'waste of time'.

Tuesday, 3rd September, 2019 10:23am

By Geoff Brodie with one comment

‘I feel misled, it’s time for some honesty’ over PFI contract, says Cllr Brodie

Potholes on Trinity Road

Cllr Brodie says he and many of his residents feel misled by PFI contractor, Island Roads, and say it's time for some honesty.

Tuesday, 27th August, 2019 7:43pm

By Geoff Brodie with 10 readers' comments

Independent Labour councillor’s Budget amendment falls just five votes short

Geoff Brodie

In last night's annual budget vote at the Isle of Wight council, the Independent Labour councillor attracted two Conservative votes for his budget amendment, including the abstention of another two Conservative councillors.

Thursday, 28th February, 2019 9:23am

By Geoff Brodie with 2 readers' comments