Council Release Revised Budget Proposal (update 2)

The council revise their budget proposals to ensure vulnerable people get an extra £750,000

The Isle of Wight Council have today put forward a revision of their budget proposals, prior to the full council meeting tomorrow evening.

The revisions are in response to the feedback received from residents, service users and take into account the alternative budgets put forward by Geoff Lumley, Ian Stevens and Reg Barry.

Community Services gain
A statement from David Pugh informs us that with some revisions to the budget, an extra £750,000 will be allocated to the Supporting PeopleCommunity Services, which provides help for vulnerable people on the Island. More to come on that on VB later today.

Parking charges frozen, permits temporarily abolished
It also states that the proposed 10% increase of parking charges will be frozen this year.

It looks as though some of the £750k for Supporting People is going to come from the abolition of resident parking permits, which will be “discontinued for the time being, pending a full review of parking provision as part of the Council’s transport policy.”

The release states “It is estimated that abolishing the residents’ permit would further affect income (over and above the income that would have been generated by the original proposed increase) by £600,000 during a full year; thus enabling additional funding to be realised for other services.”

We’ve listened to the public
David Pugh Leader said: “All three budgets recognise that it is necessary to review expenditure in areas of care and support for older and vulnerable residents, and all of them propose reduced spend in relation to a number of different service areas.

“The broad consensus is to focus our increasingly limited resources as effectively as possible on the clients with the greatest need – this must be our priority in difficult times such as now.

“We remain committed to implementing significant changes to the delivery of care and support that will give clients a greater say over the services they receive – as outlined in our original proposals. However, having listened carefully to the feedback received in recent weeks, we recognise that there are some genuine anxieties being expressed regarding the transition and the potential impact of withdrawing particular services to some

“Recognising this particular concern, and the need to manage the changes as effectively as possible, we are proposing to allocate an additional £750,000 to Community Services to help those clients in greatest need of continued care and support, and also to look at where the greatest risks exist in terms of potential impact on other council service areas.”

Westminster House
On the future of Westminster House, Cllr Cousins said

“The future of Westminster House and other facilities will be considered as part of a whole-life review of the provision of services for residents with learning disabilities.

“As part of this review we will be exploring how we could integrate both care and support services for LD clients of all ages, which will be assisted by our £2m increase in spending on adult social care. I look forward to engaging with user groups and representatives as part of this ongoing process.”

Labour Councillor Geoff Lumley said “These revisions are a cynical Conservative attempt to defuse valid protests about their proposed closure of Westminster House and the total abandonment of car park permits. They propose a community services ‘rescue fund’ that will operate in a very randomised manner and a vague future review of parking policy, and they claim that no decision has yet been made about Westminster House. All they are really doing is delaying the decision-making until the protests disperse.”

He continued, “The Council meeting on Wednesday will offer a stark choice between the uncaring Conservatism at the heart of their budget proposal, the first LibDem offering for some years, and what I consider is a coherent alternative budget compiled by councillors who have put their differences aside to work for the benefit of the disadvantaged in our community.”

Tuesday, 23rd February, 2010 11:37am



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Mrs A

David Pugh,Geoff Lumley and Reg Barry are on Isle of Wight Radio for a phone in about the budget at 12 o’clock.
A good opportunity to make your feelings known.


Is this the same Reg Barry who signed off, under delegated powers, the sale of the freehold of a good chunk of Ventnor Eastern Esplanade to Cheetah Marine in 2003 ? Would you trust him to be a guardian of the community interest ?


is this the same Tory Council that promised they would keep Middle Schools and the same Tory Council who fooled the electorate with too cheap parking permits and promises they would never keep in order to win votes

Island shocker
Yes watchdog there was a terrible smell coming from Ventnor and County Hall when that happened. Reg certainly presided over some controversial decisions when he was part of the island first liberal coalition with jill wareham, shirley smart, harry rees, ernie fox and co. They were as bad as these Tories, maybe worse. It was they too who began the Undercliff drive fiasco that cost us millions,… Read more »
Dear All, Whilst fully appreciating the current difficulties in relation to the possible effects of the reduction in Supporting People funding, might I remind everyone of their responsibilities in relation to providing support to our Clients. We are all aware of the attendant publicity surrounding the difficult decisions that the Council is facing. We all champion independence, that’s what Supporting People exists for, so it would damaging… Read more »
This is outragous, how dare they. This is a classic example of underhanded bullying. As I have found out on many occasions, the time to fight is before decisions are made, at the time when documents are made public for public consultation. Do the council not understand the concept of public consultation, does it need to be spelt out for them? These proposals and the subsequent uproar… Read more »
Barry Wom

Read it carefully. The proposal makes money available to Community Services (not ‘Supporting People’) to be used where it deemed there is a need. It does not restore the ‘Supporting People’ funding. Watch where capitals are / are not used!


Where can I read the full report?

gruntled of bembridge

So £750,000 extra – OK we’ll have a bit of that PLUS the £1.9m they’ve missapropriated AND the £2m odd they were going to spend on it as well.

Come on Dave and Steve – give the vulnerable back ALL of what was theirs before you got your paws on it. Don’t insult service users intelligence with a patronising attitude, it ill becomes you!


What about all those people that actually need to park their cars in car parks because they can’t park at home or having to park during the day whilst working?

Unfortunately, Pugh has only listened to those concerns on the supporting people, which is right, but what about those concerned with the increasing price of the parking permits?


There’s also funding towards Music Service. The very least the council could do is provide a safety net for families on low incomes or large families. This what would bring us more in line with other LA’s.


What does Mary on IW Radio mean that the youth bus subsidy is abused and DP agreed? Does anybody know?

It would be interesting to know how the Council has come up with the savings figure of £750,000. Is it possible to discover how many residents’ parking permits have been issued for 2009/10, and how many supplementary? Back of envelope analysis of our personal parking habits suggests that we will be paying over £1000 for car parking during 2010/11, which says to me that perhaps only 1000… Read more »

This is only the first step in a predictable step down designed to bolster their ‘popularity’

It worked over schools..I wonder if it’ll work this time

I listened to the debate on Isle of Wight Radio. The only person who spoke any sense whatsoever was Geoff Lumley and I would never vote Labour in a million years. One question I would have liked to ask David Pugh is how why he selected the Cabinet Member who looks after social services? Was he aware that this person was an officer in the same department… Read more »
Hazel wyld

I thought they were hedging a bit and the trouble is you sadly can`t trust politicans to do what they say…How it hurts me to say that….suspect Westminster House is a hot potato that is being shelved rather than dealt with properly….discussing things at a later date always smells of a cop out to me!


Westminster House still need support and the other services that are involved unite and not let this Tory Council divide.


You’re right Hazel, Westminster House is this years hot potato. Don’t let go though, this is going to be reviewed and a paper written for the cabinet meeting in March. We need to keep the pressure on.

Reg Barry is the only honest one of the three, he may not be a good speaker on the radio but he speaks the truth. His figures on buses were correct, they were from southern vectis not David Pugh who is a known liar. Jill Wareham was invited in by I.O.W Radio not Reg Barry as she was asking Pugh a question. Have you seen the Liberal… Read more »

Geoff also spoke the truth. I prefer the Labour & Independent budget, they keep the subside for music service as well as everything else. I think it was probably Jill who ensured that Westminster House was included which it wasn’t to start with

Come on when lib dems lost control of the Island Council there were reserves but they didn’t even know it, they didn’t have any idea of what monies were held. The Lib Dems were frightened to spend any money hence the state of this Island. Barry is a dreadful spokesperson and it would have been better keeping him off the radio. As for Jill Wareham, my seven… Read more »
Jill Wareham
I rang the Isle of Wight Radio yesterday to ask David Pugh and his Conservative Council colleagues, who were making decisions on cuts to the most vulnerable in our community, whether they had been to visit the providers and the service users. I also said I had visited a number of places and people who would be affected by the proposed cuts and they had told me… Read more »
Jill, with respect as much as I don’t like Pugh you should be aiming your comments at Dawn Cousins. She is the portfolio holder and she has never come out and supported the needs of the vulnerable, not even when she was with Social Services. How can an authority who allegedly got rid of this lady when she was employed by them then put her in charge… Read more »

So where on the Councils website are these proposals published? Link anyone?
Cheers Horace


Yes Horace I’ve already asked this and no-ones replied. I’ve asked someone else if I hear back I’ll post it


Thanks Sal. If you hear can you post the link please

Nice ploy, play parking off against social services? People won’t complain about parking cuts if they are aligned to social services. These are simply political titbits offering no real change to the proposed budget and the problems it will cause. I guess they have had an economist crunch the numbers in specific regard to parking, as I for one will consider more carefully my driving and parking… Read more »

So where do commuters park their cars?

Are they suggesting we pay DAILY rates?

What jokers!!


Andrew, so are you saying you would rather not pay and as a result condemn all of those vulnerable people to a loss of greatly needed services? Because thats what they want us to think!


I will not listen to any ridiculous proposals this equally ridiculous council suggest until they can tell me why they feel the need to pay someone £170,000 a year to run the council (badly) and cut jobs or services because there isn’t enough money to go around.

Previous track record – messing up the education reforms. Good promotion.

Before the residents parking permit was introduced, parking in Park Road Cowes cost, I think, £3.20 for between 6 and 24 hours, ie for the daily commute, which we paid because that is what was required. The current cost is £6.60, which is a significant sum to add to travel costs. However, the parking choice,if you travel to the mainland from Cowes, remains to pay the car… Read more »

I did search the site but it must be hidden away. Do find the site to be quite rubbish


Just recently there are a lot of links missing.


Yeah I’ve tried that too, I’ll keep trying


Will this also include the abolition of IWC staff parking permits? Will they have to pay like the rest of us?


As a member of IWC staff who works across the island, I have paid for my own car park permit ever since there introduction, please don’t assume something that you haven’t checked. My permit does identify that I work for the authority however the only benefit to this is if I park for a longer period in a long stay car park.


If it does then maybe there’ll be a better take up of the car sharing scheme


Jackie I would love car sharing – not sure I would find it very easy when I am travelling between 7 or 8 locations?


The cynic in me says that they have dumped parking permits because they realised it was against the law to raise parking charges to fund another part of the budget….


Perhaps this is all a ploy? People get outraged that the parking permits will end, so will suggest that the permits should return at a higher price.

I assume that those already with permits are safe and won’t have them voided!

Tinkering will not fix the problem and Ryde Trades Council still reckons that due to the present council crisis affecting public services the present leader of the council, David Pugh should still resign as he has lost credibility with the public he is supposed to serve along with Isle of Wight council Chief Executive, Steve Beynon who has also lost credibility. The “climbdowns” are not really climbdowns… Read more »
Island shocker

Major U turn by Dave and his weak Tory mates. We’ll have to see what panic measure comes next. Did he mention his Valentine’s night outburst while on the radio?


So we’ll have to wait until 30th March to hear what the plans for Westminster House will be. September for the mid year review and no reprieve for the youth music budget.

Gruntled of Bembridge
Don’t be fobbed off people – they are backtracking like its going out of fashion. Westminster House because they know they would be challenged in the courts and lose. It’ll be by the snidy back door – keep up the pressure folks. The £750k! What’s that then? They’ve been working on this budget since September and all of a sudden they “find” 3/4 million! How incompetent is… Read more »
Hazel wyld

I shall certainly continue the fight for Westminster House and hope you will all join me in keeping up the pressure!

Gruntled of Bembridge

We must all keep up the pressure, even after the “lobby fodder” have danced to their masters tune and passed a flawed budget based on misinformation and missapropriated funds. Don’t let them forget. Every failure, eviction, hospitalisation, return to care home, redundancy and other negative outcome must be laid at their door. Every person who voteds for this travesty will be culpable.

I think that the decision on the budget wether to support libdem and labour in saving these services should be taken in a secret ballot i can’t beleive that all the councillors of all parties agree with the savage cuts and the affects it will have on the most vulnerable of our community. surely when councillors decide it should be on their own beleifs rather than on… Read more »
Gruntled of Bembridge

Anybody seen the new budget proposals yet? Or, are they so ashamed they want to keep them hidded. This shower wouldn’t know democracy if it flew up and hit them in the face.

Gruntled of Bembridge
This is a decision NOT to make a decision! As a senior council officer once told me – “Never make a decision – then you can never make a mistake”. Where’s the £1.9m then David? Put back what ‘aint yours to take. The whole of this paper is is purely a “sop” and does not take into account the concerns of service users. Oh and another thing… Read more »
I was given this yesterday. I understand that there will be another paper written for tonights meeting. Press Statement Tuesday 23rd February 2010 FINAL BUDGET PROPOSALS RESPOND TO PUBLIC CONCERN • Extra £0.75m identified for care and support, to assist with the transition to personal budgets and the integration of services; also for those clients with the greatest needs. • Council pledges to build on its strong… Read more »

Blimey Jackie, thats a longer post than our barmy friends RTUC. Are you one and the same ?


No Robbo I’m not. This was what Pugh put out yesterday.

As i recall, many of the current tory councillors, David Pugh included, were elected on a manifesto that introduced residents parking permits. So basically, theyre going back on promises that got them elected. Time to vote out Andrew Turner I think, and in a couple of years at the local elections, time to vote out David Pugh. Once again, these two people have been caught out saying… Read more »
Gruntled of Bembridge
I see it’s all kicked off about the Riverside. Richard Priest (OBE) wanting more discussion with the council about its future and David Burbage (remember him? Head of finance and the one, according to Private Eye, that gave a glowing reference to the expensive consultant that left a trail of complaints behind her) saying he’s disingenuous and the council have to get a proper rent for THEIR… Read more »
Gruntled of Bembridge

Sorry, last posting reads badly. It’s thecouncil who have received overe £1m in rental income NOIT the charities who paid for the building in the first place.

Oh – nearly forgot – Mr. Burgabe, whilst you’re there – Where’s our £1.9m then. Pay up and look big.

Curious of Shanklin

The Riverside Centre is a hugely valuable asset to the community. Has the District Auditor got anything to say about the IOW Council’s running of its finances?

Curious of Shanklin

Pity Dave Burbage isn’t looking for a fair rent for Rylstone Chalet. Nil rent is not a fair rent for an entire building occupied exclusively by the Leader’s amateur brass hobby band.

Curious of Shanklin

The amount of rent is perhaps not much in the general scheme of things but it’s the principle involved.

Curious of Shanklin

The rent which should be payable on Rylstone Chalet I mean

Gruntled of Bembridge

I agree about the principle. Although the amount of rent involved DOES matter if it’s being charged to a charitable sector’s building but not to a council building providing similar services.

What rent are Church View, The Avenues, Parklands etc. being charged.

That’s a playing field as flat as Niton F.Cs!

Curious of Shanklin

Perhaps some FOI requests are in order!

Curious of Shanklin

The brass band is a club, not a charity.


I believe Church View is leased to the Primary Care Trust.


David Pugh’s very lucky to be able to play an instrument courtesy of the council at the time he were a lad who provided a budget for music services so that all children not matter how much money their parents had could learn to play an instrument if they wished. Shame the kids in the future aren’t going to be so fortunate.

I think the budget should include a donation to me. Just because myself and my interests and concerns are more important than any others… If you want services, taxes must go up. if you want lower tax, services will suffer. Everyone has a case to make and a moan to be had and if the council acted in everyones interest no one would get any useful services… Read more »
Can’t pay, won’t pay. How many regular users of IW Residents’ parking permits will revert to pay-at-meter parking in council car parks? I certainly won’t. For shopping in Newport there’s the (cheaper) non-council Lugley Street car-park and, of course, you can also park for a number of hours in Morrison’s if you spend a few quid there. As to commuting? I commute to the mainland via hovercraft.… Read more »
Victor Meldrew
By Jove those carpet bugs on the 4th. Floor have been busy. A rumour exists that our beloved and respected rulers and their acolytes are “redefining” the budget laid before the Full Council. From what I hear “everything” is back in the melting pot! So then – even their incompetence is incompetent! But fear not good burghers – even as we speak the high court bailiffs are… Read more »
Gruntled of Bembridge

Yes, Victor, I’ve heard mutterings that even the hostels that they guaranteed are at risk.

They realy have got themselves in a pickle – this will make 5 budgets – take your pick.

Why are we paying these people so much money for this gross incompetence and indecision.

Personaly the Labour/Independent was my favourite closely followed by LibDem.