Further Landslide on Military Road (updated)

The edge of the cliff moves closer to the road

Users of the Military Road and readers of VB will be aware of the landslide near Brook that took place the weekend before last.

Sadly it appears today that another landslide has occured, resulting in part of the Miltary Road being sectioned off for single lane traffic and the edge of the cliff moving ever closer to the road.

Temporary traffic lights are in place and safety barriers being installed.

The council tell us that they’ve been “carrying out daily safety inspections on the road for several weeks.”

Peter Hayward, Isle of Wight Council Head of Highways and Transport said “Some sections of coastline near the Military Road are eroding much more quickly than in previous years due to the really wet weather we have seen this winter.

“We will continue to monitor the road and will take further appropriate action should the stability of the highway be threatened.

“We are working on a number of options for the long-term future of the road and these will be considered by the council’s cabinet in March”

Update: Jill Wareham, Liberal Democrat Prospective MP for the Island, is calling again for urgent discussions to take place to save the Military Road.

Jill Wareham said “I have been monitoring the cliff falls at the narrowest point between the cliff edge and the road for the past 5 weeks. The cliff has fallen at least 5 metres in those 5 weeks. At that rate the road will have to be closed completely in a month’s time. The Council has now put barriers alongside this part of the road and traffic lights for one way traffic.

“The work on the viaduct at Brighstone has been postponed from this year to next year. I am beginning to think that this Council wants to forget about the ‘Back of the Wight’ with the complete failure to tackle the Military Road and the Undercliff Road problems.

“If the Isle of Wight Council waits until March 30th to discuss the road it is likely to be closed completely. There appears to be a complete lack of urgency – where is the local Ward Councillor and Cabinet member for transport?

“The loss of this part of the road would have a devastating effect on the residents of Brook, the leisure users of Compton Bay and will have a major impact on the businesses in Freshwater Bay.

Many thanks to VB reader, Vix Lowthion for use of the photo and video of the road.

Tuesday, 23rd February, 2010 2:28pm


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Wendy V

That’s very bad news, and so soon after the recent warnings. Down on Brook beach recently I could see the cliff just crumbling away before my eyes, so it’s not surprising, but as a regular user of the road it does worry me.


I trust it is still safe to be using it? I wouldn’t want someone disappearing over the edge if it decides to slide again!!!

I’m sure the road is as safe as the carpark at hanover/compton IE people park there but it’s clearly falling into the sea! I saw quite a few coaches going through the lights today – an obviously it’s on a double-decker bus route too. I’m curious to know their ‘number of options for the long term future of the road’ to be discussed in March (Military Road… Read more »
lol… there will be nothing left for them to eventually discuss this issue in March. It’s not as if this has suddenly happened! I like it how they`ve now pulled out all the stops after their highly effective lovely green barriers and stuck traffic lights instead. With this rain and saturated ground this road is going to be closed by the weekend. Amazing considering when I only… Read more »
The ‘drainage and blocks’ solution you mention sounds a lot like the work carried out at Puckaster a few years ago. I think this project cost in the region of £4million, from national and international sources. I don’t think we have time to persuade these people to dig into their pockets to finance a similar operation for the Military Road, desirable as it might be. The Island… Read more »

It’s not just the sea that is causing the erosion though, is it? It is the drainage problems and the blue galt? I guess you have to take into account all the geology of the area.

Haven’t we got all the pfi money to play with?

Christopher Bonney

Assume that nothing will be done unless we start shouting loud and now. Please take time to click here and add your name to this petition http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/southwightroads/

Island shocker

Jill Wareham- the liberal candidate at the election lives out that way. She’s been asking what the council propose to do about it for weeks. Trouble is, she herself didn’t seem to have a clue in the ten or more years she was on the council. I wonder if she has any idea now? And of course where they’ll get the money!

Gruntled of Bembridge

I hear the boy Pugh is on his way out to look at it. It’s the last landslide he’s ever likely to be involved with.


That made me laugh.
Don’t get to close to the edge someone might push!

Jill Wareham
Perhaps Island Shocker has only just moved to the Isle of Wight. I held many public meetings, supported by many local people, lobbied my colleagues and pushed for the work to be done on the Afton Down piece of the road and the road north of Hanover Point. This work was finally completed in autumn 2003. I think you are being disingenuous to suggest I didn’t have… Read more »
Island Shocker
Well well Jill, you seem not to have answered my question! You are at least a proper politician. How are we to fix the collapsed road, where will the money come from? Will you neutralise English Nature, The National Trust and goodness knows who else? You may have been involved (getting millions of EU pounds in subsidy) in the fixing of the Military Road in 2003 –… Read more »
Jill Wareham
The Road should be re-aligned and there are ways that can be done. The Tories wasted well over £1.3 million on the witch hunt called the Undercliff enquiry. They also lost millions of pounds in government funding to re-align the Undercliff Drive. The Tories have taken 5 years of left turn, right turn, U turn to decide that we were right to change the school system to… Read more »
Steve penk

What have they got to show for the wasted millions THREE TOILETS.

Jill, i have to repeat Island Shockers question. Where will the money come from? Its a simple question, so please answer it. Forget what the tories may have wasted and not done. If you get voted in, where will you find the money to fix the road? Please dont prevaricate, please dont attemt to answer the question you think should have been asked instead. Just tell us:… Read more »
Island Shocker
Oh Jill ‘ five years of Tory neglect wrecked the roads’ You’re a very funny woman. Your lot ignored the roads for 17 years! The Libs, with you at the centre, presided over the illegal Undercliff Drive shambles – the law was broken, what were they supposed to do, turn a blind eye? As for your ‘save the Military Road’ cry, you clearly haven’t got a clue… Read more »
Jill Wareham
I think it is a bit sad that you are making this a political issue. The erosion near Brook was highlighted last year by two local parish councillors. I am picking up on their concerns and trying to highlight to as many people as possible what the problems are. The issue here is are we as Island residents happy to let the road fall over the cliff… Read more »
Jill, it IS a political issue unfortunately. It shouldnt be but it is. For some strange reason, politicians decide who gets money for what. Ive always thought politicians should be people who know what theyre on about, ie for transport have a bus driver or a train driver. For health, have a doctor. We’ve all had enough of politicians talking far too much and having no idea… Read more »
Come on Jill, your party was in power at County Hall until 2005. You had no idea of how to run a council or anything else come to that. Let’s talk about St Lawrence, or would you rather not. Let’s talk about some of your councillors who were less that white, rather not talk about that either. Let’s talk about how you left the council without doing… Read more »
Jill – Pot calling the kettle black. Doesn’t your Bob Blezzard make everything a political issue. If it wasn’t for him the parishes and town councils might have more of a voice in County Hall. Libs caused the roads to be in such a state because they were a do nothing council, accept it and move on. As for the military road read what others are saying… Read more »
Island Shocker

How much Jill? It’s easy to say what should be done – a lot harder to say how it should be done. Answer the question eh pet?

Davey Jones

To be frank, Nobby has probably got more chance of being elected.

Jill, Jill, you naughty girl. Not politicial? Come off it. Explanation please, why have you sent a letter to all town and parish councils about the Military Road asking them to lobby Edward Giles. Lobby Jill – that is political and town and parishes as you should very well know do not lobby. You state in your letter to towns and parishes that the letter is not… Read more »
Jill Wareham

If you give me your name and which parish or town council you are from I will reply. My email address is [email protected]. Your comments suggest you are happy to let the Military Road slide into the sea and not be replaced.

How dare you put words into my mouth. I said nothing about my feelings about the Military Road. My argument is that your letter which you stated was non-political was. You signed yourself as prospective candidate and it came out from the liberal agent. You also advocated lobbying island councillors. You also assume I am a councillor or clerk, wrong again. I just do not like people… Read more »
surely there is some source in Europe for money – a few years ago the high bit over the chalk was saved from this source. But would BoyPugh deign to apply -he’s very anti-Europe. Harry Rees told me a year or so ago that Pugh calls him in as Harry is a bit of an expert on European finance (ironically he used to represent Shanklin South, Pugh’s… Read more »

This weather is no good! Drove home via middle rd and Brook as concerned the wet ground would give way!


The size of the Tory majority is purely down to major mess caused by the LibDems, therefore they are are partly to blame for the current disaster.

The LibDems need a complete clearout of all the old school and to field new, fresh candidates

Island Shocker
Good point No5. The Libs are responsible for the Toy landslide (forgive the pun) because we hated them so! I see in todays County Press a letter pointing to Reg Barry’s large part in the Undercliff Drive shame and a story about more bad behaviour by a Lib councillor. This story reminded me of last years trouble that another Lib had – spitting in the street that… Read more »
in reading these comments, it does seem that it is progressing into a political “lets blame you” no “lets blame them”. surely the biggest issue of how to save the military road and it’s natural beauty of the area is of the higher importance. surely as a small island all members for us regardless of political standing should be rallying to find solutions. unless we get to… Read more »

So now we know, the council’s roads bloke says up to ten million to save this bit of road. Blimey, I hope he’s got a couple of other quotes? Still, unlike ‘let’s fix it at any cost’ Jill Wareham, he did come up with a figure. Ten million? A lot of money but not if you think it’s only 8 years of the council’s communications budget.


10 million? fair enough. considering the work that would have to be done that sounds like quite a fair price.
Not sure its worth paying it tho when other roads are available. Maybe the council should save up a bit and do the job properly in a few years time rather than rush into anything.


What other roads are available? I take it you don’t live anywhere around here…

national trust

Well done Jill even if it costs ten million money well spent .Keith Newbery wrote a good article in the Weekender supporting your efforts more power to Ms wareham’s elbow was his quote.

Island Shocker
Keith who? Is he the bloke who’s always banging on about cricket or his mates Mal and Fred? Hardly a ringing endorsement for poor old Jill. I’d say she was better off without him. Ten million quid? you could look after an awful lot of vulnerable adults with that kind of money – but if some of you would rather spend it moving 300 yards of road… Read more »

Hear Hear! Well said.

national trust

Nice to know you read Keith Newbery Mal and Fred I reckon your well into Keith go on admit it such detail.