Council to spend £500,000 refurbishing public toilets

Half a million quid to be spent on sprucing up public toilets in 2012-13 with six being completed before the 2013 holiday season.

Cllr Eddie Giles is being asked to make an Isle of Wight council delegated decision to approve public toilet refurbishment costs of £500,000.

Toilet duck:The expenditure would see six public toilets brought up to refurbished standard in time for the main 2013 tourist season.

The six toilets that have been earmarked for refurbishment are:

  • Shanklin: Rylstone Gardens;
  • Ventnor: Marlborough Road;
  • East Cowes: Osborne Road;
  • Totland: Colwell Bay;
  • Ryde: Western Esplanade;
  • Sandown: Sandham Grounds.

Following the tendering of tranche one, the council say, “a second tranche incorporating the next highest priority facilities will be identified for refurbishment from the remaining budget.”

Positive impact on all protected characteristics groups
The equality impact assessment undertaken in respect of the 2012/13 programme of refurbishment concludes that the “investment of £500,000 into the refurbishment of public conveniences is believed to have a positive impact on all of the protected characteristics groups, especially for people with a disability and for parents with young children, as well as the public in general.”

The relevant documents have been embedded below for your convenience

Image: Alexbrn under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 21st August, 2012 9:02am



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16 Comments on "Council to spend £500,000 refurbishing public toilets"

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It seems rather a lot of money for a refurbishment; £500.000 on six sites? Where there’s muck, there’s money,still then.


Call me cynical, but is there an election Due?


would it not maybe be better to employ more cleaners for the toilets than to throw a few rain water tanks on some roofs and claim the toilets are now eco-loos?

Still, on the plus side, this half mil should go a long way since half the island toilets have been closed.

Steephill Jack
1. The Marlborough Road loos are on a Council list of buildings that should only be changed with careful consideration for their ‘heritage’. I hope they don’t rip out all those wonderful ceramic urinals in the gents. 2. It might be a good idea to improve the facilities for disabled people, but how can they get to these toilets? The pavements around there are narrow and very… Read more »
island wide
I wonder why the document Cllr Edward Giles is considering is showing public conveniences no longer owned by the IWC? I know of at least two on there that have been sold and a third that has been totally rebuilt and refurnished by an independent group. (The three I am mentioning are now those being considered for refurbishment). One must ask oneself yet again about the quality… Read more »
adrian nicholas

Simply sell or close a large number and then simply ‘re-furbish’ a small selection for the 2013 election.
Policy making at it’s finest!

jane nash

As a lady of a certain age my only definition of a ‘superloo’ is one that is open. Surely, surely this money could have been used to keep all, or some at least, of the other loos open? This is a serious problem, and one that is not going to go away. It would not be too late to save some.

Steephill Jack

Of course it could. This was a bungled, panic operation to cut expenditure, but now they have saved £2,500,000 by mistake ! they are trying to say ‘sorry’ by doing a botched job on repairing what’s left.

Absolutely Right Jane. Keep Market Street and let’s have our toilets back on the Esplanade. My anger at the loss of those toilets will never subside! All for another cafe that will never survive with the many of good cafe’s that struggle to make a decent living in the short season. Our visitors DO need toilets, not cafe’s. We do still need tourists, don’t we? Or does… Read more »

Seems to me that at least one of these (Rylstone Gardens) needs no more than a lick of paint. Hope they don’t put these horrible “vandal-proof” (NOT!!!) stainless steel devices into what so far proved to be quite useful, fairly clean facilities with even loo roll!
The 500 grand would be better spent on re-opening that loos that were closed.
Anybody disagree?

Tanja Rebel
Greenfiremouse, you are absolutely right! This Council doesn’t know where its head or tail is. First they close all the Tourist Informations and many many toilets, then they suddenly have money for refurbishing others. Peculiar, to say the least. As for this so-called “refurbishment” I sincerely hope they won’t install automated hand-washers which don’t work half of the time and moreover are a waste of energy when… Read more »
mark francis

So that is £83,000 per toilet.

If I were to do up my house at St Arwalds I could get central heating, double glazing, new roof, solar heating, new furniture and carpets, a conservatory, a summerhouse and still have change.

What are they spending it on? Tracey Emin sculptures in every lav?