Council urges caution visiting beaches and esplanades – and asks second home owners to stay away

Dave Stewart says, “It remains the council’s priority to protect our Island community in the best way that we can” and urges second home owners to stay away from the Island

Stay away from beaches sign

Despite the easing of lockdown restrictions the clear advice from the Isle of Wight Council is still that holidaymakers and second home owners should stay away.

Although the prime minister’s recent announcement said people could drive as far as they wanted for daily exercise outdoors, Mr Johnson later clarified:

“We don’t want to see people – let me repeat – we don’t want to see people travelling to another home for a holiday or a second home.”

The leader of the Isle of Wight Council, Dave Stewart, reinforced this advice and urged Islanders to maintain the two-metre social distancing rule when outside over the bank holiday weekend.

Stewart: Priority to protect our Island community
Councillor Stewart said,

“The move to a new phase in the national response to coronavirus is best summed up in the new message from the prime minister to “Stay Alert: Control the Virus and Save Lives.

“It remains the council’s priority to protect our Island community in the best way that we can.

“To that end we want people living on the Island to be safe and alert when visiting popular locations like beaches and esplanades – observe social distancing and try to not to visit at busy times.

“And the message for those on the mainland who may be thinking of visiting us is: ‘Please stay away at this time – it is not yet safe for us or for you to come to the Island. We will tell you when it is safe to do so’.”

News shared by the Isle of Wight council, in their own words. Ed

Thursday, 21st May, 2020 12:06pm



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I’m glad Dave Stewart has come forward and said this (and Bob Seely would do well to do the same) but it would have been FAR better if you had said this 2 months ago!


Quite right, although one can’t help but wonder if he is genuinely sincere in what he is now suddenly saying.

Come on, Dave Stewart sincere, he plays his cards to suit himself, the app he was driving is a white elephant and will be ditched and has kept quiet about it as Bob Seely is getting all the flack. He stated “Save our summer” and couldn’t wait to open the doors to tourists, second home owners etc; he knows people are abusing lockdown so now he decides… Read more »
Jenny Smart

Seems decidedly different to what Dave Stewart was encouraging a few weeks ago.

I wonder what had changed, is he worried about being re-elected?


Re- elected I very much hope not.


“You can now travel to visit open spaces where it is safer” … “Don’t come to our open spaces – it’s not safe”

The message from the council appears to be the complete opposite of the one coming from the government.

No wonder people are confused.


The advice from the central government also says avoid using public transport where possible, hotels and B&B are to remain closed and visits to/staying at second homes “is not allowed”. No room for confusion.

Judging by the public response to government and local authority advice on children returning to schools, I don’t think the public are going to listen to any advice from this quarter as to “when something is safe to do”. However I do agree that given the shambles seen in Devon with cars strewn everywhere last weekend that day trippers should be urged to stay away. Why would… Read more »

Any day trippers need to factor in that there are no public toilets open anywhere on the island, so I hope they can hold it.

Some Ventnor residents have told me there have been people coming and going from the mainland, throughout the lockdown, staying at holiday homes, and I have myself seen different cars each week parked outside one exclusive house along the coast. The police should have been at the mainland ferry ports for the past nine weeks, questioning all passengers and only letting those who live or work on… Read more »

just seen red funnel disgorging (what is probably a low percentage of their normal capacity) cars with bike racks and car roof storage – probably day trippers!!!

The ferries do not lend themselves to social distancing, yet still they come. Just goes to show the consideration for others, whilst we plummet the league tables for least affected/deaths in the area. Government has clearly stipulated ‘Primary residence’ is where you must legally stay, so to report Second Home Owners, who do we contact, and do they have the power to enforce an eviction??? Our elderly… Read more »