Councillor bombarded with complaints after wildlife pond ‘destroyed by developer’

Local councillor slams housing developer saying their actions seem “like a marauding army devastating the countryside”.

Isle of Wight councillor for Newport East, Cllr Geoff Brodie, says he has been bombarded with complaints from residents over the weekend following the destruction of a wildlife pond.

The actions of housing developer, Barratts, have been slammed after the longstanding wildlife pond on Pan Country Park was destroyed as part of a drainage scheme.

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Pan Country Park Wildlife Pond - After the destruction

The councillor explained that the Pan Meadows development “will ultimately extend nearly as far as this pond, but the country park is supposed to provide a buffer against urban creep”.

Boyd: “Just plain vandalism”
Commenting on Cllr Brodie’s Facebook post about the situation, ecologist Ian Boyd who worked hard to help make the Country Park a reality, said,

“The pond was never part of any attenuation design, it was outside the development red line and solely intended as part of the mitigating works for wildlife within the country park.

“It’s just plain vandalism and the developer needs to put the habitats back (that won’t help the immediate loss, but allows things to recolonise) and provide some sort of additional compensatory benefit for biodiversity within the country park.”

Before the works started
Tizzi Arnold who regularly walks her dogs in the country park said she was appalled by the devastation and shared this photo of the pond before the drainage works.

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Before the destruction of the pond by Tizzi Arnold
Before the destruction of the pond by Tizzi Arnold

Brodie: It’s “like a marauding army devastating the countryside”
Cllr Brodie said,

“It seems to me that the only consideration Barratts give is to their shareholders, as they have repeatedly over the last eight years done everything in their power to annoy local people.

“Look back at the fires in the area a few years ago that burnt out wildlife. Or the recent unilateral blocking of a much-used bridleway that had to be re-routed.

“In this instance it seems a bit like a marauding army devastating the countryside.”

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Pan Country Park Wildlife Pond - After the destruction

Cllr Brodie has now taken this issue up with senior IW Council officers and hopes to find out more early next week.


A spokesperson for the Isle of Wight council said,

The Isle of Wight Council is investigating, as this work was not part of the agreed schedule with Barratts.”

Thanks to all the readers who got in touch with us about this incident.

Sunday, 4th November, 2018 5:21pm



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Email updates?

Developers riding rough shod over local authorities……. who would have guessed it……. same developers that still haven’t finished the road at East Cowes…….. time the council grew a pair


That is just outrageous. I hope nobody buys their homes.That would hit them hard and teach them a lesson and a few heads might roll.


Barratts must now be made to reinstate what they have destroyed and in the event of any reluctance they should be barred from any future developments on the island.


Typical of developers. Their only interest is in making money. The only answer is to stop building houses before the Island becomes one large estate. This will, of course, mean limiting inward migration.

Geoff Brodie

None of the works around the pond area were agreed with Barratts at a site meeting of the 25 October with Council officers. The pond is not mentioned in the notes of the meeting, copied to Barratts and not disputed, which I have a copy of.