Councillors join forces to oppose housing in Seaclose Park as part of Harbour Masterplan (updated)

Cllrs Craven and Price are calling on their fellow community councillors to oppose proposals in the draft Newport Harbour Masterplan to build housing on Seaclose Park

newport harbour simulation

The proposal to build housing on part of Seaclose Park is becoming a much-talked about issue in Newport.

Cllr Mary Craven, as one of two Newport and Carisbrooke Community Councillors for Newport North, along with Cllr Matthew Price, yesterday submitted the following motion to our virtual meeting next Monday (13th July).

The motion reads:

“Newport and Carisbrooke Community Council unreservedly opposes proposals within the IW Council’s draft Newport Harbour Masterplan to build housing on Seaclose Park. We recognise the importance of retaining green space in the town for our residents to enjoy.” 

It will be debated during the meeting and then voted upon by email in the days afterwards.

Cabinet decision due in August
Cllr Craven said,

“It is important that Newport councillors, community and Isle of Wight, and residents put as much pressure as possible onto the Isle of Wight Council Cabinet before they make their decision to approve the Harbour Masterplan, probably on 6th August.” 

Petition opposing the plans
Cllr Price has also launched an online petition calling on others to join him opposing the plans.

The petition has already attracted almost 500 signatures today.

See the simulation
A flythrough simulation of how parts of Newport Harbour could look by 2040, using ideas from the Newport Harbour Masterplan published in July 2019, can be watched below

Have your say
Visit the Isle of Wight council Website to find out who your local IWC councillor is.

More details about the Newport Harbour Masterplan can be found on the iwight regeneration Website.

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1.30pm 7th July 2020 – Details of petition added

Image: © Isle of Wight Council

Tuesday, 7th July, 2020 11:44am



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5 Comments on "Councillors join forces to oppose housing in Seaclose Park as part of Harbour Masterplan (updated)"

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Angela Hewitt
It’s a carbuncle in the making. The only people wanting this are the developers.Years ago I knew of one councilor who lobbied for a housing development and ended up buying one of them, I wonder if he got discount? At least the purchasers of the houses on Seaclose will get free tickets to the festival. This council has a reputation for being asthetically bereft and green blind.… Read more »
Geoff Brodie

Ms Hewitt. Please keep up. I haven’t been a Labour member for more than 2 years. And yes, houses would be built by a Labour government as they are needed, but not on green land or spaces. Get your facts right if you are going to defend the Tories.

Benny C
Same old issue, dull plan, lacking many basic design ingredients which would be present in a high quality response, I’m guessing the B team got the drawing task in order to make the consultant more money and the client isn’t design savvy enough to understand what this plan will end up looking like and how it will lose an opportunity to add value. Or maybe the planning… Read more »
Angela Hewitt

PS you might b e interested to read this objection by Chris Dodds. My bet is it has not been read by a single councilor.


The master plan looks prity to most people,an artist impression, but the reality is climate change is coming with very significant tidal increases forecast.
The fly through video,must be at high because at low water it would be very different.