Councillors to vote on changes to Isle of Wight council tax support

Members will vote to make changes to the Council Tax Support Scheme which helps those on low incomes pay their council tax

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Isle of Wight councillors will on Wednesday this week debate and vote on changes to the Council Tax Support Scheme (CTSS).

This is the scheme that assists working age residents on low incomes who struggle to pay their council tax.

The council say they are planning to simplify the scheme now that Universal Credit has been rolled out fully on the Island, explaining that the current scheme is complex to understand and administer.

The proposed changes
Full details of the proposed changes, which include the current means tested scheme being replaced by a simple income grid model, can be found in the paperwork below.

A consultation was conducted with the public as well as town and parish councils.

Mixed response from local councils
Responding to the consultation (see Paper C Appendix 1B) some town and parish councils supported the proposed option, but several others, including Brading, Niton and Gurnard oppose the changes to the scheme.

Tuesday, 19th November, 2019 5:26pm



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Now that Universal Credit has been rolled out on the island, low income residents have the means to pay their full share of Council Tax rather than relying on others in the community to support them.

I hope the IW Conservative Council scrap this handout, or substantially reduce it, because it is very unfair on other islanders who have to subsidise it.


Shame on you! What a disgusting response. I sincerely hope that one day you will fall into difficult times and that there’s no one around to help you.


The Conservatives create an economy where people can help themselves, not rely on others. That’s the way it should be, and that’s what the island votes for.


The Conservatives have created a Neo Liberalist economy with nearly a decade of imposed austerity where the majority suffer needlessly. Labour are for the many and not the few. Fingers crossed the public school brigade will be voted out by the many. I don’t expect you know how much a pint of milk or a loaf of bread costs.


We live in a very unequal unfair world. You should take a reality check mate. Typical Tory attitude, as long as I am all right stuff everybody else.

I run a small business and employ around twenty five people, I’ve paid to train these staff and pay them what I think they are worth, but I expect them to earn me more than I pay them, some do, some don’t. The risk is mine, I and my family therefore deserve the profits. If my staff don’t like it they can leave and start up their… Read more »

Susan, please can you name your business so I never associate myself with it in any way. I trust you pay ypur staff well so they don’t rely on UC to top their salaries up.


Hermit, I think Susan must be a troll doing a wind up. If not, she’s so proud of her business, she would have named it.


Unbelievable you don’t deserve to have a business. I bet you pay less than the minimum wage and offer zero hour contracts as well. Employees are the money makers yet business exploits their labour then gets rid of them when the market place dictates. Total exploitation.