Court for patient who assaulted St Mary’s Hospital staff member

Two incidents were reported to the Health and Safety Executive during August and September, both resulting in affected staff members unable to work for more than a week

St mary's hospital

Two health and safety incidents at St Mary’s Hospital in Newport were so serious they had to be reported to government watchdogs — and one, in which a patient assaulted a staff member, resulted in the patient appearing in court.

In a health, safety and security report, presented to the Isle of Wight NHS Trust’s October board meeting, it was revealed two incidents were reported to the Health and Safety Executive during August and September — the latest figures available.

Linen trolley hit ward sister
In the first incident, a porter was pushing a full linen trolley through the Emergency Department when it hit a ward sister. It struck her left shoulder, causing her to fall into a doorway. Her injuries meant she was unable to work for more than a week.

Staff were advised after the incident to be vigilant when moving equipment through the hospital building.

Assault on staff
In September, a second incident saw a patient attack a staff member in the early hours of the morning.

A patient — described in the report as aggressive — was being treated at the Emergency Department when they lashed out, punching a ward sister in the shoulder and stomach so forcefully she vomited.

Patient prosecuted
A manger confirmed the patient was fit for arrest and the police were called. The patient was subsequently prosecuted and appeared in court.

The members of staff involved in the incident were sent home following their ordeal, suffering from shock, and were unable to work for more than seven days.

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Send him down.


Struck on the shoulder accidently by linen trolley, more than a week off, Amazing the difference in recovery time between people receiving full pay when sick and those on SSP £90.