Crouchy’s Crew complete their Movember ‘dump’ challenge (video)

Jake and his mates managed to find their way back to Newport after being driven blindfolded to a secret location

Many thanks to Jake for sharing this update on how Crouchy’s Crew did at the weekend during their Movember ‘dump’ challenge. Well done to all who took part. Ed

It was a long and tiring Saturday (1st December 2012), as two Cluster teams; Crouchy’s Crew and Dan’s Dumpers – dressed in costume – set out head to head on their Movember ‘dump’ fundraiser.

Starting in Newport, we were blindfolded and driven to Grammars Common in Brighstone, from there, using only a map and a compass, we navigated ourselves back to Newport.

After tackling against icy cold winds and muddy fields, we returned to Newport at about 15:30.

Dan’s dumpers victorious
Upon arriving back at our starting location, we found out that Dan’s Dumpers had in fact beaten us there, and were the dump challenge winners.

Along the way made a video blog (embedded below)

Collectively we raised around £450 for Movember, which will be collected and paid to the charity shortly.

Wednesday, 5th December, 2012 9:15am



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