Damien Nettles: Island businessman offers £10,000 reward

After police failed to renew the £20,000 reward for anyone leading them to the remains of Damien Nettles, a local businessman, who wishes to remain anonymous, has put up £10,000.

Damien Nettles

This in from Valerie Nettles, mother of missing Isle of Wight teenager Damien Nettles. Ed

A local IW businessman, who wishes to remain anonymous, has offered a 10,000 pound sterling reward for information that leads to the recovery of Damien’s remains.

The purpose of this reward to bring Damien back to his family without exhausting, lengthy and legally binding police enquiries.

Conditions of reward
This reward differs from the recent police reward in that:

  1. It will be paid out only should Damien’s remains be recovered.
  2. The payment of this reward has no stipulations other than the person getting the reward gives us the accurate location of Damien.
  3. Upon recovery and identification of his remains, the reward will be paid.
  4. Details on the mechanisms of this reward will be released in September.

THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO OBTAIN A REWARD NOW before we accept an offer to use cadaver dogs to find Damien which would then invalidate the reward.

Details on how to offer information anonymously will be provided soon and made available on Damien’s website www.damiennettles.com.

Friday, 19th July, 2013 8:04am


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Well done that business man.. I hope his generous action
results in closure for the Nettles family.

As generous as it is I do not agree with it as it is still a criminal investigation and that shouldnt be stepped around. I fully appreciate the family want Damien back, and sympathise immensely (he was a friend of mine) however this doesn’t seem right. How will it work – for arguments sake the person responsible for his death comes forward, anon, and tells the business… Read more »