Cllr Daryll Pitcher’s impression of the council so far

OnTheWight has invited members from each political group or party on the Isle of Wight council to share their impressions of how the first six months of an Independent-led Isle of Wight council is working.

Daryll Pitcher

Up next is UK Independent Party councillor for Wootton Bridge, Daryll Pitcher. Thanks to Daryll for resending his submission this morning (which he first sent on 16th October, but got lost in the ether). In his own words. Ed

I must say that when I heard the result for Wootton Bridge read out at Medina Leisure Centre by Chris Mathews back in May I had no idea what a rollercoaster I had just boarded. Within a short space of time we have come a long way, had our eyes opened to so much that was previously hidden to us as members of the public and witnessed the goings on of the various groups. And with our learning the Council itself.

The new controlling Independent group, the newly oppositioned Conservatives, the rest of us in the middle, literally between the two during full council meetings. I have witnessed the first faltering steps taken by all sides and now watch as the council ‘matures’ in to a working pattern.

This really is a different council to what was before, not only because of a change in control but because of the make up in the chamber. UKIP has helped this by joining the fray and putting forward new ideas to old problems.

We have taken an active part in things such as the review of governance which was one of our manifesto pledges. In fact we were the only ones to propose an actual review. Others proposed to either change the system or keep it the same. Both Graham Perks and I have been involved with important ward issues, for instance one of my first tasks was to un-freeze the disposal of land in Wootton needed for our new Doctors Surgery, frozen, it turns out, in error as the transfer was already agreed.

As UKIP we keep our own counsel. We have no whip so I can’t tell Graham how to vote! Yet we very often do vote the same way, because we agree on so much. We support each other and often talk through issues.

UKIP went and visited Island Roads at Dodnor and while there Graham and I were able to put forward a number of issues, both Island wide ones and local ward matters. Having UKIP in the chamber has certainly changed the dynamic between the Independents and the Conservatives.

Our voting record shows that we are separate of both and vote on our conscience. I remember the first thing I ever said in full council, to Ian Stephens the then newly elected Leader of the Council “We will support where we can, and oppose where we must” and I’m proud to say 180 days later that is exactly what we have done.

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Tuesday, 29th October, 2013 12:55pm



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You probably cant tell Graham Perks how to vote – it seems he doesnt even bother abstaining on some votes and just sits there with his hands by his side hoping it will all go away.

Albert Street

Well said Councillor Pitcher. 2015 will be an interesting year nationally


Cllr Pitcher “We will support where we can, and oppose where we must”.

Ir would be interesting to know what parameters UKIP regards as fundamental to a “must” opposition.

Mark Francis

When will UKIP implement their programme to bring back 1951?

The website for this mob majors on ‘putting Britain first’ and bangs on about stopping a ‘rising tide of immigrants’ from taking our school places, jobs and using our NHS. On the basis that the diversity needle on the IOW barely twitches off the bottom of the scale, one wonders what on earth these councillors on the IOW will find to do for themselves. Of course, proudly… Read more »

“As such maybe these councillors should have stood as independents”
Best not use the last resort as the first, probably their exit strategy


Since when has independent thought been the ‘last resort’?


2 May 2013


I am one of his residents and, despite trying to contact him on more than one occasion, this article is the first I have heard from him.

So it is nice to know that he does really exist.

Mark Francis

All this and Everest too!