David Pugh: ‘I wish Steve well in retirement’

Council leader on the departure of Chief Executive Steve Beynon

Following the release of budget proposals by the Isle of Wight council, this statement in from council leader, David Pugh. Ed

Isle of Wight Council Leader, David Pugh said, “We are today publishing proposals for how we intend to balance the council’s budget in 2013/14 and prepare for the further financial challenges we will face in subsequent years. The proposals make clear that additional savings in management and staffing costs must form part of this strategy.

david-pugh-ventnor-seafront-221“Given that the chief executive (also the head of paid service) has stated his intention to retire in this calendar year, we are proposing to use this impending vacancy to reduce the top tier of the council’s management from four to three posts.”

Chief executive post to be ‘deleted’
He went on to say, “In order to secure the full year effect of such a significant saving, we are now proposing that the chief executive post is deleted from the end of the current financial year. This will result in Steve Beynon leaving the local authority with effect from 31 March 2013.

“The council is still required to have a head of paid service and, as part of our intention to reduce the number of top level posts from four to three, it is proposed that one of the current strategic directors will be subsequently appointed to such a post and will fulfil these duties alongside their existing service area responsibilities. This appointment will be made following a decision by Annual Council in May. In the meantime, the head of paid service function will be undertaken on an interim basis by the strategic director of resources.”

Significant change for local government
“I would like to therefore take this opportunity to express my appreciation and thanks for the senior officer leadership which Steve Beynon has provided to the Isle of Wight Council since 2008. This five year period has been one of significant change for local government, and as chief executive, Steve has played the leading role in managing the council through this challenging time. His professionalism and commitment, despite the many challenges that have come our way, have enabled the organisation to emerge in a stronger, healthier financial position that will stand it in good stead for the years ahead.

“It is clear that whilst many of the major projects Steve has overseen have already delivered significant benefits for the Island, others – such as the long-term benefits to the Island of schools reorganisation and the Highways PFI contract – have yet to be fully realised. However Steve will leave the local authority knowing that the major elements of such change have been put in place and I know – such is his genuine interest in the Island’s future – that he will take a keen interest in their progress.”

“Wish Steve well in retirement”
Cllr Pugh went on to say, “I would also like to place on record my thanks for the great efforts Steve has made, complementing my work as Leader, in advocating the needs of the Isle of Wight at a national and regional level – much of which I observed first-hand over the years.

“I wish Steve well in retirement and in the meantime look forward to working alongside him for the remainder of his time with us as we continue to deliver the council’s priorities.”

Friday, 1st February, 2013 11:55am


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I. Reader
As one of those council priorities is now known to be a scandalous attempt to bully our elected MP and the saintly Riverside Centre staff, it is unsurprising that Mr.B’s head must roll. It is also unsurprising that fellow gang members have to sing his praises prior to paying him off and hoping that he not embarrass them further. It will be interesting to see, as election… Read more »
Island Monkey
Absolute classic Pugh this is? ‘Some of the long-term benefits have yet to be realised.’ A master of understatement. How does he keep a straight face? Education and children’s services are in a far worse state than when these two took control with their brilliant ideas. As for the PFI, they know they will both be history when the financial implications of this partly offshore deal come… Read more »

It’s like rats leaving a sinking ship. Unfortunately for us the are still some equally dangerous rats still on board !

Black Dog
“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” Yet more verbal garbage from a man who’s lack of ability betrays his ambition. Time for George Brown to come out of the shadows and admit that his constant meddling and manipulation is responsible for the mess we are in. Pugh talks about the longer term projects (education) Can that… Read more »