David Pugh resigns from Shanklin Town Council

Former IW council leader decides to relinquish the town council seat he was voted into last week.

David Pugh

Following defeat at last week’s local elections, former council leader and councillor for Shanklin South, David Pugh, has today (Tuesday) informed the clerk at Shanklin Town council that he wishes to stand down.

David was beaten by 10 votes in last week’s county elections, losing to Independent candidate Richard Priest.

However, despite losing at county level, he gained enough votes from residents to be elected to the town council.

In an email to fellow town councillors, David said although he would remain living in Shanklin, he intended to be working off the Island much more in the future and couldn’t commit to attending all meetings.

It’s currently unclear what will happen with the vacant seat. It may spark another election or perhaps a candidate could be co-opted onto the town council.

Thanks to the many readers who got in touch to share the news.

Tuesday, 7th May, 2013 3:21pm


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Email updates?
kevin Barclay-Jay

It was hinted elsewhere here that moves were afoot already to force a by election to get losers from the election on councils…Dave B scuppered that Idea for now by stating that 35 clear days have to pass after the election before a byelection can be forced..giving time for posts to be filled by co-option


I hope DP takes time to also feel sorry for Islanders, who had to put up with his shenanigans whilst he was on ‘the dark side’ still…

I pray he doesn’t find a way of annoying us from the mainland.


Hang on , what’s with that particular photo of DP again? Janet Scott won’t be very happy – we thought we’d seen the last of that! Trying to give us nightmares?

Janet Scott

TOO RIGHT I’m not !

Lady at the Back

Could OTW not photoshop Dee Pee’s mugshot onto a picture of a departing ferry?


Love it!


I agree tryme. But perhaps OTW should hang on to and use it when things get tough … If only to remind us how much worse things were when he was in charge!!

Janet Scott

‘Lady at the back’ has almost taken the words out of my mouth.

I was about to suggest the face was transposed onto a picture of Shanklin seafront. What has Ventnor done to deserve it ?

adrian whittaker

this is not the case you can call a election if anybody stands down . you cant to fill vacant places after a election so Pugh s seat can be called


Is Pugh spitting out his dummy?

Extremely petty and disrespectful of the people who voted for him. You can be sure he wouldn’t be doing this if he had kept his council seat last week.

I hope this move has opened up the eyes of the people that actually voted for this low-life and they won’t make the same mistake if he ever runs for public office again.


“It’s my ball, my favourite ball, my mum gave it to me for Christmas & if I can’t me messi I’m not playing and I’m taking my ball home with me!”


“…and I didn’t want to play with you anyway, so THERE!”

Another area where the new Council has to be re-organised is the Local Enterprise Partnership (L.E.P) Pugh and Russell Kew (Wightlink) made a pigs ear of that and have never supported the island. The Trades Unions should be invited back with a seat like before with SEEDA. The LEP is important for Area Assisted Status and working out the investments. Pugh and Kew, two of the reps,… Read more »

His attendance at Town Council meeting didn’t bother him when he was leader did it, so why now? I suppose there are just too few openings for talented stationary operatives on the Island, and besides everybody here knows what he’s like.


Perhaps he was too busy volunteering at the library …. oops sorry, I forgot. He didn’t turn up for that either!

Black Dog
Pugh never attended Shanklin Town Council Meetings anyway, just look at our Town council attendance records. I can and will not suggest why he did not attend, I do however suspect that he is Jumping before he is Pushed. The mind boggles as to what he is going to turn his hand to next, perhaps it is with his mate Gove advising on Education or working more… Read more »

Oh no, perhaps working for Hampshire on our Childrens’ Services, and then our schools? (gasp :-\

Janet Scott

Now you are getting silly.

(or are you? :-/ )


Just shows that he never took the town council seriously. I have always thought that ward councillors should not be able to also be on town/parish councils. Too much conflict of interest. Like having the same people in houses of lords and parliament.

How anybody can link the words education adviser and Pugh in the same sentence is beyond me. His latest stunt does not surprise me. He was so self assured about winning his seat back he could not have even planned for an afterlife. Nobody will touch him with a bargepole so when he is on job seekers allowance he will be docked money for attending town council… Read more »
Mason Watch

The Boy Blunder will be looked after by Conservative Head office……. Guaranteed! I have no doubt that he is off for reprogramming and then is set for a seat on the back bench. Just pray that the “safe tory seat” isn’t here. Mark my words..the departure from the town council is simply because he’s going to be in Westminster


How are you so sure? It seems to defy belief that he would be chosen – for a safe seat mark you !- over someone with a positive and paperclip-free record. Do tell!


Plus that he gives the impression of not being very bright, of course…


Don’t be too sure! Thirty-six key constituency Tory parties have not yet chosen their candidates for 2015- seems that people don’t want to be an MP these days!

“In the 40 key seats that the Tories have to capture from Labour or the Lib Dems to have any hope of winning the next election outright, only four have chosen candidates.”


downwind resident
This is a good moment for Eurovia to put in a new planning application for an asphalt plant in the Bay! Perfect location…. all the toxic fumes will blow over to France,and no asbestos in the local landfill site! Good access to all the island. The PFI must go on! It’s all free money we were told by the past Cabinet. We need roads in the Medina… Read more »
dianne weedon

did this gentleman not realise he couldn’t commit the time before he stood, thus wasting more money on a re-elction?

sam salt

He isn’t the only failed conservative candidate not taking up their seat on a parish council. Geoff Giles in Bembridge has also thrown his toys out of the pram and resigned before his first meeting.


I’m actually sorry to hear that. Geoff has done a lot for the village. When he came round canvassing I said that I was sorry I wouldn’t be able to vote for him because as far as I was concerned he had nailed his colours to the wrong mast.

adrian whittaker

i have today contacted election services Pugh and Giles town council seats can go to by election with 10 signatures as soon as the Clerk has their resignation in writing i know for sure that Pugh’s seat will go for election as soon signatures have been collected


“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.” … Oscar Wilde·