Dead porpoise found at Battery Bay

A reminder that the Valentine’s Day storm may have had an impact on the wildlife as well as our surroundings.

Dead porpoise at Battery Bay :

Thanks to the OnTheWight reader, Pat York, who has sent in these pictures of what looks like a dead porpoise.

It was spotted whilst out on a walk at Battery Bay yesterday morning.

Pat told OnTheWight,

“Just been back this morning to look on the beach and no sign of the body – obviously washed out to sea on the next high tide. There were no obvious signs of what caused it, no large wounds.”

We think it’s more likely a porpoise than a dolphin because of the shape of the snout, but we’re not experts and happy to be corrected.

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Monday, 17th February, 2014 2:25pm



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3 Comments on "Dead porpoise found at Battery Bay"

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A sad sight …


Poor thing. Thanks Pat.
If only we could get a grip, switch to renewable energy, and stop messing with our climate.

sam salt

Yes Rowan very sad but you are assuming the poor animal’s demise was man made. We don’t know why it died so how are you so sure it was down to renewable energy and what proof is there that “messing with our climate” was the cause?