Delegated decision to be made on council property sales programme

An updated list of all the properties the council wants to sell is released.

Cllr George Brown will be making a decision no sooner than 15 August on the latest Capital Receipts Disposals Programme – that’s a list of all properties the council owns and wants to sell.

For Sale signs:The documentation (embedded below for your convenience) reveals details of which council-owned properties will be sold, along with a priority rating and any relevant notes.

The summary states, “This paper sets out, in the context of the council’s strategic asset management plan, which council owned land and property is expected to be disposed of in the current financial year and gives an indication of the assets that may be disposed of in the following years 2013-2015.

“It provides a clear statement of the properties which the council expects to complete the disposal of in the current financial year that can be used as a basis for corporate financial planning.”

Contentious sites
Two items of particular note in the paper relate to the sale of assets that have raised much comment from Islanders.

Viewpoint Car Park – Blackgang
The original schedule identified that this may be disposed of to a special purchaser but with conditions to protect the continued and long term public use of the facility. This is now confirmed, to enable negotiations with the owners of Blackgang Chine regarding the purchase and conditions.

The Guildhall – Newport
The disposal under the open marketing route with conditions has been the subject of previous council discussions. It cannot begin however until a condition survey has been completed and the conditions of its disposal have been consulted and agreed, recognising the iconic status of the building in Newport Town Centre

Image: blech under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 7th August, 2012 1:25pm



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island wide

Yet another delegated decision. Why do we have local councillors when decisions are made by one or two people, completely undemocratic in my view.

I don’t know why they mess about, why not go all out and sell off the Island as a whole. That way they could, as a condition of sale install themselves as the law makers for ever. Look at all the youth services they are closing, when youth crime goes up because these people have closed everything, they will say how awful it is. They are superb… Read more »
Wight Portal

The sell off is a quick fix for the cash strapped council, but I thought each sale is seen by the Government as Council income and so the yearly budget will then be adjusted and so in the long run they’re no better off.

I don’t know whether this is true or not, but three points: 1. If the Council no longer own the buildings they will no longer have to pay to maintain them or pay out all the bills associated with them, so that will be a sving to the Council. 2. If the building is no longer required it should be sold, Local Government’s function is not to… Read more »
mark francis

Blackgang Viewpoint Car Park is a public amenity. Why would anyone buy it, unless it is to charge for its use?


How many “delegated decision makers” will stand for re-election next year? It smells like a “embed the political ideology while you can and run” strategy.


Scorched earth…

island wide

The one making this delegated decision is rumoured not to be standing next year.

Chris Wilmott

Why don’t they follow the classic Tory wheeze of selling EVERYTHING off and then leasing it back for Council use? That way, you (and/or your friends) make a killing now, and again and again…


Large-scale sale and lease-back of public property started with the New Labour (aka Tory-lite) government

What I’d like to know from a legal bod is whether there’s any possible legal challenge to so many decisions being made. I used to work for the Council, and most of the decisions I made were delegated (I made maybe a few dozen each week, so it was the only practical option – otherwise I’d have spent all my time in committee meetings). But if the… Read more »
island wide
Rowan working for the Council and making decisions in your job and being an Elected Member (Councillor) are two entirely different scenarios. You were an employee and were trained in your specific field, for instance you might well have been a tree officer who had to decide whether specific trees were dangerous. You might have been a Highways Officer and decided on which roads required attention. This… Read more »
James P

“As about two-thirds of Island voters don’t even bother to vote in local elections”

It’s not all apathy. Sometimes there’s no-one you want to vote for, which is why a ‘none of the above’ box would be useful (and why it will never happen!)


Make voting compulsory- citizenship has responsibilities as well as rights! But, as you say, to make it work, you would have to have a “None of the Above” choice.

It was 5yrs ago this week that the credit crunch started, heralding our current malaise. Although the seeds of it were sown a further 40 ago. 23 June 1972, when then Tory chancellor Anthony Barber floated the pound leading to devaluation and shocking ‘imported’ inflation, which even Labour’s interventionist policies couldn’t address in the mid 1970s. Then there was 1986’s Big Bang deregulation of the stock market,… Read more »

And then, as if by magic by telegraph provides some evidence:

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