Diary of a Youth MP: Joining the social network

The Youth Council establish themselves in the online community by setting up a Facebook page and Twitter account.

Robert Selby:

Thanks to Isle of Wight Member of Youth Parliament Robert Selby for his latest report. Ed

22 February 2013
Arrived at the Council in Newport at 1:30pm.

Today was the social networking workshop, in which we focused on creating a Facebook and Twitter page to promote the Isle of Wight Youth Council.

Bronte Debenham, Chloe Dixon, Will Matthews, Freddie Smith and James Metcalfe attended, and we all were introduced how to create a formal Facebook page.

This included deciding who would administer and manage the account, and what would be appropriate information to post on the page.

This prompted Andy Newman to hand out social media guidelines to us all, which is perfectly understandable, but you can feel constrained sometimes in terms of what you can say.

Two very nice ladies brought us tea, which was amusing as we had asked Andy for it in the last Youth Council meeting. The Facebook Page was created.

Isle of Wight Youth Council Facebook.

Then we created our Twitter account.

Establishing the Youth Council in the community
I felt during this workshop that we were officially establishing the Youth Council in the community, a council that will protect young people so that they have a proper education and are employed.

I also felt for the first time that we were being progressive and dynamic as a team.

I was deeply encouraged that we will fulfil our duty, for it is the young; as well as the poor, disabled and old; that are the most vulnerable in our society.

We finished at 4:30pm.

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Tuesday, 26th March, 2013 10:00am


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Lady at the back

All credit to Robert Selby for bothering to keep OTW in touch with what he’s doing on the Youth Council. I enjoy reading his pieces, and it’s encouraging to find young people involved in politics ( Cllr Pugh excepted…)


Great stuff Robert. I’m looking forward to you taking over sometime soon. Best wishes.