Dispatches investigation into MP’s expenses may feature Andrew Turner

The Isle of Wight MP Andrew Turner is one of 32 MPs making expenses claims that may be featured on tonight’s Dispatches investigation (C4 8pm).

Andrew Turner

Thanks to ‘TV Highlights’ for this article in relation to MP’s expenses. Ed

Unwelcome publicity this evening for Andrew Turner when Channel 4 broadcasts an investigation into MPs who claim rent on their expenses for second homes while simultaneously letting out property nearby.

He is one of 32 MPs from 650 in the House of Commons making claims which will be highlighted in the programme ‘Dispatches — MPs: Are They Still At It?’ at 8pm.

Criticised by constituents
Mr Turner, 59, who has been the Island’s Tory MP for 11 years, has already been heavily criticised by constituents for taking advantage of the loophole.

Concerns were also raised by the Isle of Wight Conservative Association.

Mr Turner, with his partner, Carole Dennett, owns three properties – his constituency home in Newport, a flat in Cowes and a one-bedroom flat in Kennington, London*, which was his ‘first home’ for ten years. Ms Dennett also owns two other properties on the mainland.

Exploiting loophole denied
Following the MPs’ expenses scandal the rules were changed and Mr Turner has denied exploiting a loophole to own one flat in London while renting another at taxpayers’ expense.

In a statement he said he has not profited from the leasing the Kennington flat as costs such as ground rent, maintenance and agency fees paid since the 2010 election had actually exceeded the income by more than £11,000. And when he does sell, it will be subject to capital gains tax.

Mr Turner also emphasised that he had not taken advantage of MPs’ trips abroad, first-class rail travel and, unlike other MPs, he supplied receipts for claims put through his office petty cash.

*A check this morning with an online property guide, shows two flats for sale in Kennington for £150,000 but the majority are £200,000-plus.

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Monday, 19th November, 2012 6:24pm


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  1. Island Monkey

    19.Nov.2012 6:31pm

    It’s hard to see why Turner should rent out a flat he already owns and let the taxpayer fund another for him to use – even if he loses money. Except I suppose these are the new rules introduced after the dodgy expense claims of previous years. What a mess it sounds?

    More worryingly – if Mp’s can’t even sort out their own affairs – what chance do we have of them dealing with the real mess everything else in the country is in?

  2. why do we have an MP who seems to be so dumb he cant make a profit when renting out a london flat? I dont mean to be personal, but dumb really is the only word. An £11,000 loss since 2010? who is he renting the place to, a family member? And claiming that Capital Gains Tax will impact on his profit is ridiculous. CGT will be payable regardless. Its a fact of life, and one which a sensible landlord allows for.

    Turner is either incredibly inept to make an £11,000 loss in 2 years on a rental property, or he surely must be renting to a relative or friend and keeping the rent artificially low. The only question remaining is whether this is at taxpayers expense – which it surely must be as if he owns a london flat, he should use it, not expect taxpayers to fork out rent on another property.

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