‘Disposal’ of Whippingham Primary School Site

The IW council announces consultation about the sale of the Whippingham Primary School

The sale of the Whippingham Primary School site has just appeared on the Isle of Wight council Forward Plan (below) published today.

Whippingham Primary School It was one of the many council building that the IW council announced in May that they might sell, which as a whole raised a considerable number of angry comments from Islanders.

The sale of Whippingham Primary will now enter consultation with “School Staff, Members and School Users / Parents”, before a decision is made by Cllr George Brown, before the end of September 2011.

History to disposal
Back in September 2009, a majority of IW councillors voted (32 to 4, 1 abstention) to discontinue Whippingham Primary.

Since then Queensgate Foundation Primary school was formed by combining East Cowes primary and Whippingham.

It has been working over the two sites, with the intention that the school will be sited on the current Osborne Middle School site.


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Forward plan
(Did you know? – You can view the document below at full-screen simply by clicking on the left-most graphic, to the right of the Scribd word, on the grey bar at the bottom of each document.)
IWC Forward Plan – June to September 2011

Image: IW Council

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Email updates?

Yet another little bit of our Island history being sold off. I think it’s sad, a disgrace and wonder it will all end? This Council are not only selling the family silver, they’re selling the family jewels.

Another total disgrace, Whippingham school was funded by Queen Victoria originally for the children of Osborne estate workers, followed by the children of East Cowes. This council have no respect for the history, the people, or the future of East Cowes. Why are they so hell bent on destroying the Island?? I sincerely hope that at least one very good indepedent stands in the by-election in June… Read more »

lets get the slate and chalk back as well

Jane Edmunds
This is the first of many of our ‘Jewels’ that is earmarked to go. What can we expect from this council who are showing that they have no regard to the electorate of this Island. As we know once these publicly owned assets have been sold they are lost forever. I know we need cuts but it is all at our expense. I see no cuts being… Read more »
These Tory councillors probably don’t care a less about selling our precious past. If it was possible, they would probably like to demolish many of our historic buildings and replace them with ugly modern constructions, similar to many of the buildings on the mainland. We only have to look around us to see the creeping modernisation of the Island. Sadly, this Council are gradually destroying the sole… Read more »
d whittington
you can not imagine how it feels to see the beloved whippingham school sold of ;[ after many of my wife working there it is a sad day ….. for her and proberly many others …. a happy school given to the people and now whipped away from them so so sad .and will the sale of whippingham school be re invested to queensgate im thinking not… Read more »
past student

whippingham primary isn’t just any old school its a place were you can learn,make friends,feel safe,grow up and figure out who you are and who you want to be it isn’t just part of the islands history its part of us and part of your kids i mean life is a journey
and this is were it began