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Snow showers, strong winds and widespread overnight frosts will be heading to the UK later this week from northern Canada, but will it reach the Isle of Wight?

Snow on the Isle of Wight

It looks as though the Isle of Wight will probably miss out on the snow that is forecasted for most of the country later this week.

Although these things can change rapidly, at the moment Severe Weather Warnings have been issued for many other parts of the country, but as you can see from the weather warning map below, inland Britain and the South appear to avoid the snow showers.

However, we will see a drop in the temperature, so stay warm and look out for yours vulnerable neighbours.

Snow alerts

Cold with a risk of snow for some
In case you’re travelling around the country later this week, here’s what the Met Office says,

An arctic maritime airmass originating over northern Canada will bring a period of cold weather later this week with snow showers, strong winds and widespread overnight frosts.

From midweek the whole of the UK can expect to see a change in the weather as a northwesterly airflow sets in and National Severe Weather Warnings have been issued for snow and wind. As the cold air moves southwards over the relatively warm sea, this will cause snow showers to develop which will affect many northern and western coasts. Eastern coasts also affected at times. Elsewhere, many inland areas are likely to avoid the majority of the snow showers but it will feel cold with strong northwesterly winds.

Daytime temperatures are likely to be around 2 to 5 degrees Celsius, but colder where there is snow. Overnight, a frost will develop in most places with some severe frost likely where there is snow on the ground in the north. Temperatures could dip below -10 degrees Celsius away from rural areas.

This cold airmass will spread southwards across the UK during the course of Wednesday with the heaviest and most frequent snow showers then likely across northern and western Scotland, Northern Ireland and around Irish Sea coasts. There will be coastal gales as well as a risk of hail and thunder in some locations. Other parts of the UK could still see some snow at times, but this is likely to be fairly short lived.

Jenny Rourke one of our Deputy Chief Operational Meteorologists said:

“A cold spell of weather will affect the UK from Wednesday onwards. With strong northwesterly winds all areas will feel the cold and there will be snow showers, especially in northern and western areas. With wintry weather anticipated later this week, we’ve issued weather warnings for snow and wind and we advise people to check the latest forecast and weather warnings before they travel.”

At the moment it looks like the cold weather will last into the weekend, though many areas should become dry.

Image: Just Another Caulkhead under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 9th January, 2017 1:23pm


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