Elderly Cat Missing In Ventnor

This old fella sounds as though he may have gone off in search of a final resting place. If you could check your sheds or garages his owners would be most grateful.

This old fellow sounds as though he may have gone off in search of a final resting place. If you could check your sheds or garages his owners would be most grateful. Ed

Willow:Willow the cat was last seen about midnight on Thursday evening 12th July.

He wasn’t home for breakfast and we haven’t seen him since. He is an elderly 21 year old cat with long ginger hair and a white bib.

It is possible that he may of wandered off to die, if you could check your sheds, garages and gardens it would be most appreciated.

He doesn’t normally wander far and lives opposite Ventnor Cricket Club. Please telephone 856456 if you find him, thank you.

Best wishes Amanda and Brad

Saturday, 14th July, 2012 11:05am


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any news on Willow, is he chipped etc

Lost keys, cat, anything I pray to St. Anthony, finder of lost articles and souls!! I hope by now you’ve found Willow, or wherever he is, he’s safe and warm until he finds his way back home. He’s still a very handsome chap…never know what he might be getting up to.. best wishes from a 23 old cat who’s been moaning a bit lately, but she’s staying… Read more »
Steve The YAK
Poor old Willow. Mind you, He’s had a good innings. My old ginger cat is nearing the end of his life, he’s the last one left of the five from the litter. He was doing some strange things yesterday – eating a foam sponge, and trying to hide in my motorbike shed. I thought that he was preparing to die, but he’s eating today and wandering around… Read more »
James P

He looks like a cat with real character. I hope you find him, whatever the outcome.

does what it says

there was something in the road last night on St Boniface Rd. Thought it was a fox, but it could have been him. might be worth a look in that area.


Do you think It might have been kinder to get out of your car etc and check what it was before posting this message?

Steve The YAK

Don’t be so daft Bes! ‘Does What It Says’ had no idea that he was going to post anything! As far as he/she was concerned it was a dead fox. Stop trying to be so self-righteous. And in any case, kinder to whom?

Steve The YAK

..and where abouts did he/she mention that they were ‘in their car’? They may have been on a bus!..or a low flying aeroplane!

If you are a cat lover it’s hard when they go missing,are run over or just have to watch them fade away. They each have their own personalities and communicate with you in their own way. When they finally leave us we always say we won’t have another but true cat lovers just can’t help it when the next stray turns up for lunch. Hopefully things turn… Read more »

21 is a fantastic age , you must have looked after Willow very well , hope its a Happy ending which ever it is , the photo is beautiful .