Electricity generators used during repairs to network

Two generators were brought in to supply residents with electricity whilst repairs took place yesterday and today in Ventnor.

Residents in Ventnor were without electricity on Saturday due to a fault with the underground high voltage network.

SSE told On The Wight that there were originally two faults on the underground high voltage network and two generators were brought in to restore supplies quickly to residents.

Repairs were carried out on one fault yesterday and a generator removed. The second round of repairs has been underway today and they expect the other generator (currently sitting in lower Gills Cliff Rd) to be removed this evening.

We’d not seen the generators in use before at the side of the road, but SSE explained they are used when repairs are expected to take to take a long period of time.

Monday, 8th October, 2012 5:36pm


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Pleasantly surprised that SSE have such generators to hand. They might need them more often, soon: