Endorsment for Adult Fitness Scheme By Ventnor Town Council

VTC agree it’s a good idea

At last week’s Ventnor Town Council (VTC) meeting the idea of outdoor adult fitness equipment was discussed.

Local Fitness and Wellness Educator, Steph Toogood, gave a short presentation to the councillors, appealing for their endorsement of the idea.

Steph, who specialises in working with the more mature members of our Island community, told the meeting how she regularly runs along the revetment between Ventnor and Bonchurch and saw this area as somewhere of great potential for the development of adult fitness.

She told of how how Government campaigns have failed to engage with those who need to stay fit to prolong their lives and quality of life and how fitness can help prevent the signs and symptoms of ageing.

Make the revetment as place of fitness
Steph’s suggestion was for distance markers to be added along the revetment, for specialist adult fitness equipment to be installed between Ventnor and Bonchurch (a suggestion of next to the skate park was made) and even said she’d be prepared to freely give up a morning or afternoon a week to help advise those wanting to learn how to use the equipment.

The brochures being circulated showed simple tubular equipment (as above), which Steph said she’d seen being used around the world.

Positive start
The scheme has already been endorsed by Boots The Chemists, Stuart Simmons, the NHS Active Lifestyle Co-ordinator, as well as Louise Gray, Health Promoter for Physical Activities (NHS).

Received well by the VTC – and public audience
The VTC were very positive about the idea and agreed to offer any support they could.

It was suggested that the Ventnor Enhancement Fund would be able to offer advice and help in applying for grants and Steph later told us that she’d arranged to meet with the committee this week.

At a time when cuts are being made to bus services, forcing some people to stay in town rather than travel to leisure centres, this project looks like something really positive for the people of Ventnor.

Get involved or make suggestions
If you can offer any advice or ideas on the scheme, please leave a comment below.

Find out more about Steph TooGood by visiting her Website Hydro-Actif

Image: Fresh Air Fitness

Tuesday, 17th August, 2010 11:17am


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barbara penman

What a fabulous idea, have been to China, where they have fitness equipment in all their parks,it is great to exercise in the fresh air,they all look so healthy especially the older people, I have a treadmill which is kept outside my house under the verandah,feels great.