Understanding why English Heritage have introduced parking fees at Carisbrooke Castle

Some dog walkers, who used to be able to park in the Carisbrooke Castle car park for free, have expressed their concern about now having to pay to park. English Heritage explain why the charges have been introduced.

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Concerns have been raised by some Isle of Wight residents about the introduction of parking charges at Carisbrooke Castle.

English Heritage, who own the Castle, introduced the £2 per day charge at the end of September 2017. They say it’s done so in order to help manage the costs of protecting this historic landmark.

Refund for Castle visitors
Amanda Pickard, Property Manager, Carisbrooke Castle explains:

“English Heritage is committed to protecting the historic landmarks in our care, so they are there for future generations to enjoy. In our role as a charity, it is vital that we manage our costs.

“Every penny we receive – from our car parks to major donations – goes towards looking after these historic properties including Carisbrooke Castle.”

It’s worth noting that if you are visiting the Castle, parking charges can be claimed back on entry (that goes for EH members too).

English Heritage reported there had been one incident of vandalism on the parking machine (in October 2017) but that it has been repaired the same month.

Image: alfmelin under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 10th May, 2018 12:35pm


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Email updates?
I do not believe it

It would be a good idea if EH were to spend some of the cash earned from their parking charges on placing a couple of litter bins in their car park.
In that way perhaps all the litter thrown to the ground by people eating in their cars could be avoided and I could give my litter-picker a rest.


As explanations go this is a bit thin: “we need more of your money so that we can spend it”. Not convincing!

It’s maybe not the best of explanations. I’d put it more like this. English Heritage is a charity which exists to protect historic landmarks and promote their use by the public. They provide car parking for visitors to their property. They’re also happy for people to use the car park who aren’t paying to enter the property, but want to enjoy views of it from the outside… Read more »

*their* car parks. Ooops!


Now why couldn’t the educated folks at EH have said that?