Electric car (EV) charging coming to Wightlink’s Fishbourne port

Wightlink is on a big green push ATM – One of the most interesting of these is the installation of an electric car (EV) charging at the Fishbourne port. More too

Wightlink’s Tara Broad serves coffee in a reusable cup to Chief Executive Keith Greenfield on board St Clare.

Wightlink are on a big green push atm. Here’s the latest news from them. Ed

Wightlink has launched a Green Manifesto, pledging to make its operations as environmentally friendly as possible.

This follows the successful launch of the company’s new environmentally friendly hybrid energy flagship Victoria of Wight – the culmination of its £45 million investment in the Portsmouth-Fishbourne route.

The first initiatives will include:

  • The installation of chargers for electric cars starting at Fishbourne terminal in summer 2018 along with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology to reduce traffic queues and emissions. EV charging at other ports is also planned. Wightlink’s stores van and some other company vehicles are being replaced with electrically or hybrid-powered models to cut emissions.
  • Reducing the use of plastics wherever possible linking with the Isle of Wight Council’s ‘plastic-free Island’ campaign. For example, disposable plastic cutlery is now being replaced by renewable wooden alternatives.
  • Welcoming reusable cups at all Wightlink outlets with discounts of 25p off the usual price for customers who bring their own cups or mugs.

Wightlink already sends zero waste to landfill and is increasing recycling. More environmental initiatives are planned and will be announced later in the year.

“Like many Islanders, I was distressed to see the damaging effect of plastics and other pollution on marine life on Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II series,”

says Wightlink Chief Executive Keith Greenfield.

“As a ferry company we have a special responsibility to the marine environment. We have embarked on a journey, with Isle of Wight Council and other partners, to reduce our environmental footprint and want to do all we can to protect the beautiful Isle of Wight and Solent.”

Pictured, Wightlink’s Tara Broad serves coffee in a reusable cup to Chief Executive Keith Greenfield on board St Clare.

Tuesday, 20th February, 2018 2:51pm


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If Wightlink really wanted to get rid of those single use plastic cups why don’t they just bring back the crockery cups, saucers and teapots and coffee mugs they used to provide till only a few years ago, together with the dishwasher they had behind the counter. Do they honestly think someone is going to pay over a pound for a tea bag in our own cup.… Read more »

Flippancy aside, I have to say this is a good gambit by Wightlink. Praise does not flow naturally from me but, on this occasion, well done to all involved.


I’m sorry to mention this but I’d feel a lot more confident is the person with long hair serving me had their hair covered in a hair net.