Leaked documents reveal extent of proposed Cowes Enterprise job losses

The staff restructuring documents for Cowes Enterprise College have been leaked to OnTheWight, revealing the extent of the cuts and roles changes.

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Further to the news published on Friday last week by OnTheWight about the considerable job losses at Cowes Enterprise College under consultation, further information comes to light.

Yesterday (Monday), Rachael Fidler, Chair of the Cowes Enterprise College Governing Body, confirmed the re-structuring.

OnTheWight is now able to share the restructuring documents (below) given to staff last week. They reveal exactly where the job cuts will be made.

Numbers confirmed
Rachael Fidler told OnTheWight,

In terms of staff numbers, the proposed restructure we are consulting on includes a roles reduction in the College of teaching staff from 70 to 65 and support staff from 80 to 54.

The proposed restructure does include some changes to roles and responsibilities with related amendments to grading. There are no proposed blanket pay cuts. We are aiming to achieve most of these through natural or voluntary movement and we are putting in every effort to reduce the pressure on staff.

The restructure plan
As you can see from the scans/spreadsheet below, the restructuring is significant, with some teachers having to take on extra responsibility.

Over 30% of support staff will lose their jobs in the restructure, as well as others having to take a pay cut, moving from Scale 4 to Scale 1. Details of the National Joint Council (NJC) payscales are embedded below.

As the scans of the restructuring document may be difficult to read for some, we’ve put the information into a spreadsheet for ease of reading.

Our thoughts are with the staff who will be affected by the restructure.

The scans
Click on the image – then click on the full screen icon to see larger versions
CEC Staff Restructure

 CEC Staff Restructure:


Image: P Schadlerunder CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 25th March, 2014 10:06am


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Email updates?
In despair
“Our thoughts are with the staff who will be affected by the restructure.” Quite right AND also with the students who will be greatly impacted by this. The Inclusion Coordinator will lose her job, after 19 years of supporting SEN students at CEC. The number of LSAs will be cut from 18 to 10; the others will be driven away by the salary cut. This will have… Read more »

I note the structure I have seen has a January date at the bottom of the page.

Since the new Headteacher only began at Christmas, was she involved in this reorganisation of her new school?

The structure was quite obviously decided some months ago, but is only just being revealed to staff and parents.

Why is that?


Perhaps the delay was due to the Head having time to have input to the new structure?

On Friday Rachael Fiddler, Chair of Governors, stated to On the Wight: “We’ve been working with the local authority to ensure that funds are in place – to cover early retirement and voluntary redundancy. Last week we reached an agreement, so there has been some delay in bringing the detail to the staff.” So: 1) the restructure was finalised in January according to the date on the… Read more »

It would be useful to know how the original staffing levels were determined and whether initial funding was made available to meet these staffing levels?

If it was and student numbers have remained around the same levels then the funding per student would appear to have been reduced.

Finally how do these current and proposed staffing establishment levels compare with other colleges and their funding levels?

The january date probably refers to the changes the OAT wanted to bring in anyway.This is all just a catalyst. As for the teaching posts with 5 going it just maybe that this would go with natural waste as there probably was that amount of teachers that were going to leave anyway and this has probably been reflected in the final number. I am so disilusioned by… Read more »
Unless I am reading this wrong it seems that you go from a Single Principal to a Principal, 2 vice principals and 2 assistant principals and a promotion for the Business manager to a Directors post! So just how many posts have been cut at the ‘bottom’ so that the ‘top’ can be reinforced I wonder? Call me old fashioned but a College should surely exist to… Read more »
Wot? No Marketing director with a plethora of overpaid and irrelevant marketing and PR people? :-)) No cleaners, no caretakers, no premises maintenance People in the restructuring? It couldn’t be, could it that those jobs are going to be outsourced to one of the subsidiaries of the Trust’s sponsors? If so, as the IWC provides most of the operational funds, that would be yet another way of… Read more »