Floating Bridge 6: Council have submitted a ‘substantial claim’ as part of legal action

The leader of the council gave an update to the Scrutiny Committee at tonight’s meeting. Details within

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At tonight’s (Tuesday) Isle of Wight council Scrutiny Committee an update of sorts was given about the Cowes Floating Bridge.

Leader of the council, Dave Stewart, said

“The whole question of the design build and performance is the subject of legal action through mediation.

“Whilst the Isle of Wight council has submitted a substantial claim for consideration in this matter, it is not appropriate for me or members of the cabinet to discuss this matter further, pending outcome of those actions.”

Cllr Stewart said he hoped the actions would be resolved shortly, and could possibly even be in a position to report back to Scrutiny Committee in February.

He also went on to say,

“With regards to the comments from range of individuals as to why I have not brought to public attention the fact that Floating Bridge 6 was designed, built, and paid for under the previous administration, again I do not wish to make comment on this aspect until legal actions are concluded.”

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Tuesday, 12th January, 2021 6:24pm


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I was led to believe that FB6 was designed and built for elsewhere, we just agreed to have it, paid for it and the way things are going we will continue to pay for it many any times over.


So was I.

Wasn’t it a, ‘that will do purchase’, by clueless people who should now been held to account for their incompetence?


IMHO the alleged root cause of the problem is lack of domain competence within the IOWC.


Perhaps the substantial claim IF successful will pay for a fixed link across Medina instead of the bottomless pit of a chain ferry along with the additional cost of staffing, maintenance and pensions of operators etc.