Floating Bridge now looks like it may be out until ‘early next week’

The problem with the West prow hinge was discovered earlier in the week. A passenger launch will be in operation for foot passengers.

engineers working on the floating bridge

An issue with the west prow of the Cowes Floating Bridge has resulted in it being taken out of service this week.

An Isle of Wight company is working on the repairs, but it’s not expected to be back in service until maybe next week.

A passenger launch will be in operation in the meantime for foot passengers.

Image: © Cameron Palin

Wednesday, 11th September, 2019 2:29pm


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7 Comments on "Floating Bridge now looks like it may be out until ‘early next week’"

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When will the IW Council’s Head of Legal Services and Monitoring Officer take action and litigate against the Naval Architects, BCTQ; the Shipbuilders, Mainstay Marine; and the Owners Representative?
We have been throwing our good Council Tax money after bad for too long!


They have probably sacked all the legal team along with most other staff… And why would they give a toss about FB.. it was nothing to do with anyone at all according to previous posts!


The FB – the gift that keeps on giving in humour, sarcasm and to display overpaid incompetence on so many levels that dogs this privatised Britain and makes life so unnecessarily miserable for the overtaxed, overcharged and underpaid citizen without influence of those at the levers of power.


Another example of our inadequate council, what a shambles they are. As soon as you sub contract you loose control, you’ve only got to look at the road resurfacing programme or lack off in some cases. The vessel should have been built on the Island the skills are here, come on wake up Councillors do your job properly for once.


Its no good asking for the money to be returned. In accountancy terms the cash is now sunk.

Jenny Smart

Who Cares?

Does anyone use the floating bridge anymore?


sadly, there are some that need it as an essential travel facility- school children for example.For others, forget it. Wife has an appointment at Southampton NHS on Monday… I did consider, for a minute, Red Cat ( using the FB) etc. but decided to go East Cowes car ferry and take the car.