Floating Bridge to be suspended as yet more parts on two-year-old bridge need replacing

The floating bridge will be out of service yet again next week as more parts on the two-year-old bridge are replaced.

floating bridge

The Cowes Floating Bridge will be out of action once again next week. The reason for the suspended service is being touted as ‘scheduled maintenance’, but once again it down to prow hinges being replaced on the £6m+ bridge that has only been in service since May 2017.

The Isle of Wight council posted the following message to social media:

The Cowes Floating Bridge will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on Tuesday 25 June from 0500 to late afternoon, to replace a prow hinge.

A passenger launch service will be in operation.

See the Floating Bridge Website for more info and stay in touch with when the service is in operation by downloading the Floaty Finder App or visiting their Website.

Image: © With kind permission of Allan Marsh

Friday, 21st June, 2019 3:21pm


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As said elsewhere if this was a car or something similar it would have been returned as ‘Not Fit For Service’ and a refund demanded, getting beyond a joke now.


However if you had signed off the design of your car you wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.


Shouldn’t that be replace ANOTHER prow hinge. Once one has failed the design should be revisited and they should all be replaced.


Absolute shambles, the decision makers should be held to account and resign

Benny C
Meanwhile essential services are on their knees. We will be paying for these capital expenditure failures for years to come while Dave Stewart and his cabinet pals simply refuse to be held to account or take responsibility for the cost of their poor decisions. You can see where this is going. Dave Stewart’s spectacular leadership incompetence can’t even deliver a boat that works. On an island. Really!… Read more »
Even though I agree with all these comments we should also know that this mob will do exactly zero about it! To be honest, they just don’t care! If they keep really quiet, and hide in the corner with their hands over their eyes and dont talk we might go away until they can get booted out of power and then blame everyone else! We have all… Read more »
Whoever made the decision for this replacement floating bridge (or committee) should be held responsible for this fiasco. This monstrosity looks like some enormous cruiser which is entirely out of keeping why is it so huge for a start. Never worked reliably since 2017??? Having followed the continual faults and damage to cars I would never even consider risking my car on it, having to drive through… Read more »