Former Labour education minister takes on Conservative education lead in Isle of Wight elections

The former MP, who was also Schools Minister for Special Educational Needs, believes that parents shouldn’t have to fight for the right provision for their children

Sarah McCarthy-Fry standing by Lake sign

News shared by Richard on behalf of Isle of Wight Labour Party, in his own words. Ed

Labour and Co-operative candidate Sarah McCarthy-Fry, former MP for Portsmouth North between 2005 and 2010, served as Schools Minister responsible for Special Educational Needs.

She has lived on the Island for the past nine years and is standing in Lake South where the incumbent Tory councillor is Paul Brading who is responsible for children’s services and education on the Island

McCarthy: Parents shouldn’t have to fight for the right provision
Sarah said,

“Both the Tory Government and this Tory Council have badly let down our Island children with Special Needs. Parents shouldn’t have to fight for the right provision for their children.

“A Labour-led council will listen to parents, put their children’s needs at the heart of decision-making and increase both the funding and quality of Special Needs Education.”

Quigley: Tories have talked the talk, but not walked the walk
Island Labour Chair, Richard Quigley, added,

“We are very pleased that Sarah has stepped back into politics, her experience and passion for education is second to none. As parents of children with special educational needs will know, provision on the Island is very hit and miss. Our aim is to increase the funding and quality of provision.

“The Tories have talked the talk, but not walked the walk on education. It was the previous Conservative administration that were responsible for the implementation of the two tier school system, getting rid of middle schools.

“They had to be forced to do the right thing over school meal vouchers during school holidays and we are still in the position of not having enough room on buses for all pupils to get to school. They promised that by now 25% of schools would have an excellent Ofsted rating. They haven’t.

“Our hard working teachers and school staff are already at breaking point.

“Another four years of a Conservative council will see a further decline in support for schools”

Friday, 9th April, 2021 11:44am



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If memory serves me right, I believe the tory promise was to have all schools on the Island either good or outstanding by this election. Remind me, how’s that going? As for the shambles over organising Educational and Health Care Plans (EHCP, where children had to wait over two years for assessment, the record is dismal. Hampshire is still providing management for the council’s education department, but… Read more »
Benny C

Spot on. It’s not about political colour. It’s about delivery.


Don’t be fooled by these hard left Marxists of island Labour and their cult followers. They will turn our beautiful island into a tip hole like Bristol and Brighton where failing labour councils have lost control. These are dangerous people and they must not be allowed to get anywhere near power in our island

Vix Lowthion

You look unhinged.


This weekend’s homework is to compare and contrast the political philosophies of democratic socialism and Marxist communism.
Here is a worksheet to help you:
comment image
Please don’t eat the crayons. Again.

Benny C
Err, Bristol is the only U.K. city contributing to GDP apart from London. Everywhere else gets handouts from the capital. It has the highest graduate retention of any U.K. city because they like it so much they stay and start work there in droves. Channel 4 just committed to locate there. It has a conference centre and major stadium venue under construction and its house building programme… Read more »