Former Poundland and Civic Centre to become ‘Integrated Mental Health Hubs’

The NHS trust was awarded £3.2m in order to purchase the two buildings

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The Isle of Wight NHS Trust has taken another step forward in delivering its mental health transformation plans, with the acquisition of two new buildings to be used as Integrated Mental Health hubs in Newport and Sandown.

This follows a successful NHS England capital bid of £3.2 million, awarded to the Trust in January 2021.

Two buildings purchased
This funding has enabled the purchase of two buildings, one in the heart Newport, previously Poundland and the other is the Civic Centre and Barracks building in Sandown, previously owned by the Isle of Wight Council.

The High Street location in Newport will enable the integration of all the mental health services alongside adult social care and third sector providers to support the wellbeing and recovery of people who use our services.

The Sandown location will provide access to services for people living in the Bay and southern part of the Island. This expands on the Ryde Wellbeing Centre, that currently provides access to mental and physical health services for people living on the north-east side of the Island.

These buildings will be refurbished to allow physical and mental health services to be delivered in a welcoming environment for people with mental and physical health needs on the Island. 

Integrated Mental Health hubs
The Integrated Mental Health hubs will enable a holistic and collaborative approach, bringing together the Trust’s new Mental Health Recovery Service for people with complex mental health needs, services for people in mental health crisis, Isle Talk (psychological therapies), Dementia Outreach and Older People’s Mental Health and Community Mental Health teams, all located alongside colleagues from social care and other partner organisations. 

Stevens: Commitment towards improving the overall experience
Lesley Stevens, Director of Community, Mental Health and Learning Disabilities, said,

“The purchase of these buildings is part of our commitment towards improving the overall experience for people who use our services and will provide access to mental health support closer to home.

Our aim is to develop these spaces to support wellbeing and recovery. We will work closely with people who use our services, carers, staff, and architects to co-design these hubs, listening to their ideas, suggestions, and experience of using existing community mental health services. This feedback will help to shape these buildings to deliver the best possible outcomes and improve mental health provision.

These hubs will bring our community services together under one roof, allowing our teams to work and communicate more closely with one another and with our social care colleagues and partner organisations. This approach to mental health support and care will be beneficial for staff and provide a seamless experience for people who use our services and their families and carers.”

What to expect
The refurbished buildings will include therapeutic spaces, wellbeing and activity areas, a community cafe in the larger building in Newport, and staff areas, to include dedicated hot desking spaces.

The Integrated Mental Health Service Hubs is a key milestone in the delivery of the Trust’s No wrong door Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Strategy 2020-2025 which builds on foundations laid in the Isle of Wight Health and Care Plan and the Isle of Wight NHS Trust’s overall strategy.

News shared by Isle of Wight NHS Trust, in their own words. Ed

Image: Tim Mossholder under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 16th April, 2021 3:05pm



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Angela Hewitt

In these terrible mental health times this appears to be an important initiative. But, why is the NHS buying property from the Isle of Wight Council? Is this a roundabout way of the Isle of Wight Council raising funds? It just seems odd. Surely the Council should be offering it up for zero rent. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul comes to mind.

Markets. That’s why. The clowns at the centre of our government think that public services should be run like businesses, so give them all separate budgets to buy in their requirements. And each year their budgets are squeezed but their activities increased. Don’t ever forget that our beloved MP has voted repeatedly to reduce central funding to local councils. So when IOWC sells property and increases your… Read more »
Rhos yr Alarch

Yes, and the IW Council is particularly keen on selling community buildings (sometimes cheaply) to anyone and everyone. Witness Ryde, where the local council has since embarked on buying some of them back from private owners, at hugely higher prices than those received by the IW Council…


The NHS need more than two new sites, but they also need good MH staff to man them. Would be interesting to hear how much the Council sold Sandown Civic buildings for to NHS but as it is election year there will be no surprises there I am sure!