Fortnightly Candles4Assange vigils in Newport ahead of his UK extradition hearing: Begins on Saturday

“If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth,” said Julian Assange at the Stop the War Rally in 2011

assange and orwell grafitti on a wall

At the Stop the War Rally in Trafalgar Square in 2011, Wikileaks founder and truth-seeker, Julian Assange, said,

“If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth.”

Starting this Saturday (25th January) vigils will be held fortnightly in St Thomas’ Square, Newport.

This weekend, Anna Fauzy-Ackroyd and others join in solidarity with candles4Assange events held throughout the world.

Where and when
All are welcome to join in, just take along candles, prayers, poems, art, peace songs or just yourself,not forgetting something to sit on for a short opening meditation at 4.15pm.

Dates the vigils will take place are 25th January, 8th February, 22nd February, 7th March and 21st March, all at 4pm.

Extradition hearing
Monday 24th February sees the first day of Julian Assange’s UK extradition hearing to the US. There will be a global protest on this day.

Follow the Candles4Assange Website for updates.

Image: newtown_grafitti under CC BY 2.0

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Julian Assange’s ‘character’ has been relentlessly smeared in the mainstream press with the intention that people will turn a blind eye to his persecution, imprisonment, and torture for publishing the truth about war crimes, torture and banking, corporate and governmental corruption. In early 2013 I visited Julian in the Ecuadorian Embassy over 3 days. It was clear he was going to need people to support and… Read more »
iain mckie

Has the treatment of Assange dissuaded potential whistle blowers. Sadly, I feel, yes. Government 1 Free Speech 0

Bridge for Freedom: “Investigative journalism and press freedom are on trial here as much as Julian Assange is. A dangerous precedent might be set that would make the immensely important work of journalists reporting on intelligence agencies and the government a criminal act. At a time when democracies around the world are in decline, strong protections of the free press are ever more essential.” That’s why it… Read more »
iain mckie
I suspect that Assange is an unpleasant person. However, he stands as a totem for free speech and holding governments and their agencies to account. Governments routinely pass laws that criminalise actions for the public, yet they are allowed to ignore (data capture, tasers etc) without fear of imprisonment. Supporting Assange, despite his flaws, is crucial to supporting liberty and equality in the eyes of the law.

Assange was either naïve or malicious in allowing Wikileaks to be involved in the 2016 US election which contributed to us suffering Trump as POTUS.


Julian Assange published 100 percent accurate information, in the public interest, that exposed corruption within the Democratic Party. Surely, those who are corrupt are the ones responsible for their corruption!!! Not to mention that the electorate had plenty of past experience of the Clintons to go on.