Four more weeks of works on Newport Road, Cowes say water co

Southern Water will be returning to Newport Road, Cowes, from Monday 13 March for up to four weeks.

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Leilah shares this latest news from Southern Water. Ed

We’ve replaced an essential water main, that transfers supplies between Broadfield reservoir and Alvington.

As part of this scheme, we’re returning to Newport Road, Cowes, from Monday 13 March for up to four weeks.

Further checks and adjustments
All our new pipes undergo stringent testing and commissioning before being put into permanent use. While most pass these tests first time, there are occasions when we need to return to make further checks and adjustments.

We’ll also be carrying out further reinstatement work to the road surface.

So we can do this work safely, Newport Road will be closed from the junction with Three Gates Road to the junction with Nodes Road, with a short diversion in place.

Apologies for disruption
Project Manager Peter Simmons said:

“We know this will cause some more disruption – we’re sorry about this and will be doing all we can to keep impact to a minimum, and to re-open the road as soon as possible.”

Access will be available from either end of the road closure, although there may be some occasions when this isn’t possible – we’ll be keeping customers updated in these instances.

Image: tico24 under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 6th March, 2017 3:59pm



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I do not believe it

Oh, joy unbounded! – again -sigh – :-(

So basically they didn’t do the job right first time round and now we have to put up with another four weeks (if we’re lucky, probably be more like six weeks) whilst they sort out there muck ups. Why can’t they at least have temporary traffic lights? Probably because then everyone would be able to see that they start work late, have long breaks and finish at… Read more »

Once upon time, a slightly unorthodox politician, Mr Prescott as I recall, introduced the idea of road rental to incentivise contractors to get it right first time and quickly. Obviously that wasn’t going to last long.

Is laying a pipe that difficult?


“further checks and adjustments”? “Four weeks”?
Is that the positive spin way of saying they screwed it up and will have to replace all of the joints and valves? Contractor who laid it for them paying for this and the disruption to locals are they?

Southern Water are an absolute disgrace. Outside Brading, work was scheduled to start on 4 January for 6 weeks. The work has still not been completed – indeed, many a time I have driven past and found NOBODY working, causing holdups at the Yarbridge junction traffic lights and considerable disturbance to the residents. I am surprised that Island Roads are not on their case. Come on Southern… Read more »

Oh, and by the way, they have still not sorted the problems on Station Avenue, Sandown and also Beaper Shute, which has now been leaking for at least two years.


Did you give them a call?

Did they say “I’m sorry dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”?


To add to all this joy, since this afternoon Place Road has become a bit of a minefield as well with loads of commercial vehicles blocking pavements and road outside the planned building site for the new development.
Good-bye green field – you will be missed!
In any case, it’ll be hell travelling to and from Cowes, again.
Couldn’t Southern Water get it right the first time round?