‘Fully tooled up’ police storm RedJet in surprise training exercise

Shouting, “The police are storming the RedJet – Fully tooled up!”, got everyone’s attention at a company overlooking Southampton Quay. The dramatic photos show why the training exercise caused such excitement.

Police storm redjet 4

A police operation in Town Quay, Southampton caused a stir this afternoon.

Staff working at Etch – which overlooks the Quay – were shocked to see police officers ‘storm onboard’ RedJet4, whilst it was moored up, out of service, in the harbour.

Great excitement
Technical Manager, Phil Dye, was working in the Etch boardroom when he spotted the police action. He called out to the rest of the office that police were storming the RedJet. Not surprisingly they quickly joined him in the boardroom to watch the action.

‘Tooled up’
Etch Managing Director, Tom Frame, told OnTheWight there were around eight officers, armed with what looked like semi-automatic machine guns.

Red Funnel and Hampshire Constabulary have since confirmed to OnTheWight that it was just an exercise.


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Police storm RedJet4 by Tom Frame
Police storm RedJet4 by Tom Frame
Police boat in Southampton Harbour by Tom Frame

Source: Daily Echo via Isle of Wight Community Info Page

Image: © Tom Frame – Etch

Tuesday, 21st February, 2017 3:29pm


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