Funding approved for new clifftop wildflower scheme

Funding will see a scheme of replanting with UK native shrubs and wildflowers, as well as a clifftop wildflower scheme. OnTheWight has the details.

wildflower meadow at the garlic farm

Funding has been approved by a working group of Ventnor Town councillors to replant shrubs and wildflowers in the Salisbury Gardens area.

The move follows the removal of vegetation outside Salisbury Gardens in late August, but will also result in funding for a further clifftop wildflower scheme at Flowers Brook.

Shrubs and wildflowers
Deputy Mayor for Ventnor Town Council, Stephen Cockett, explained further to OnTheWight,

“Ventnor Town Council’s working group last week agreed funding for a scheme of replanting with UK native shrubs selected for their value to wildlife, the area around the shrubs will be managed to encourage wildflowers.”

Reviewing the wider area
Cllr Cockett went on to say,

“Furthermore the council will review the wider area for additional improvements following suggestions from local residents.”

Further clifftop wildflower scheme
He finished by saying,

“The same working group also agreed funding for a further clifftop wildflower scheme at Flowers Brook.

“The new scheme will involve preparing the ground before sowing a seed mix appropriate for the soil type and location in contrast to the existing successful scheme at La Falaise which has had a managed but natural regrowth approach.”

Thursday, 19th September, 2019 8:11am



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It’s a pity that the Ventnor Councillors/Mayor haven’t acted so quickly on stopping cars parking free outside shops in the town. Lots of words are muted but nothing happens. We can probably agree pedestrianisation will not happen as the infrastructure doesn’t lend itself to this. However, removing this free parking which is a danger to the public and widening pavements will encourage us all to stay longer… Read more »

Cant agree more forget flower arranging and get on with key business widening pavements in the high street and relocate some free parking in the main car parks. Think safe be safe.