St Mary’s Roundabout: Conservatives vote to go ahead with junction changes

The 18 votes in favour were all the members of the ruling Conservative group present, except for Cllr Tyndall who abstained and Cllr Matthew Price (Newport North), who last week led a call for works to be halted.

st marys roadworks sign

Geoff Brodie shares this report from last night’s full council meeting. Ed

Despite there being an extraordinary meeting of the IW Council to fully discuss the controversial St Mary’s junction works next week, last night (Wednesday) the ordinary Full Council endorsed an amendment to a Motion by Conservative Cllr Chris Whitehouse (Newport West) that claimed the benefits of the scheme will outweigh any disruption.

Seemingly-unrelated motion
The amendment, without notice, was made to a Motion purportedly about the 2000 Local Government Act.

The opposition argued the amendment was unrelated to the Motion, but the Monitoring Officer left the decision to Council Chairman, Cllr George Chapman (Con), who allowed it for debate.

Short debate
After a relatively short debate on being put to a named vote the Motion was approved by 18 votes to 14.

The 18 votes in favour were all the members of the ruling Conservative group present, except for Cllr Matthew Price (Newport North) and Cllr Brian Tyndall (who abstained).

The 14 against were Cllr Price and all 13 opposition members present.

Next debate
An Opposition call to abandon the St Mary’s works until Coppins Bridge has had improvement works is still to be debated next week.

Thursday, 19th September, 2019 8:15am



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IWC appears to have nailed its colours firmly to the mast, so I’m guessing that next week’s debate will merely be paying lip service. The next council elections may be too late to save us from this but please check your voting slips and make your mark accordingly…


18 Tory muppets and 15 months of hell for permanent residents. When this hair-brained idea at St Mary’s doesn’t do what they predict they’ll just walk away into the distance as they usually do, no integrity or accountability. Meanwhile we’ll still be queuing at Coppins Bridge!


Spot on, muppets is to good a description, parasites is more accurate. Time to go Dave Stewart and your band of wasters. Let’s get people in that truly represent Island residents.

It isn’t just the 15 months during construction, it’s the years after that you rightly mention that will be the legacy; queueing traffic pumping out exhaust fumes in all directions right by the hospital with the accompanying noise of engines revving. Still I expect that Cllr Ward will trot out the standard excuse he uses for the floatie that it works for 95% of the day, so… Read more »
From this report, it would appear that the tories are following the Westminster lead and playing politics. As Cllr Whitehouse proposed this amendment, perhaps he might make himself available to the electorate and answer the many questions that need answering. The first question is “What are the many benefits of the scheme that you claim”, and if you could please answer the question without waffle, hesitation, deviation… Read more »
Steve Goodman
If confused (when it suits him) unchristian Chris does decide to respond (unlikely, given his horrible hypocritical history, as reported in Private Eye, OTW, and the CP), we know what to expect. Some reminders, in case anyone is new to this: Several years ago he said that because of his mental illness he would not stand for election again; then he did, somehow got re-elected, and has… Read more »

Absolute disgrace Dave Stewart and his Tory cronies should be sacked. Don’t forget to vote them out next time around.

Cllr Ward is being quoted in the Couty Press as saying “We have been advised by professional engineers. I’m not sure how many professional engineers are on the other side of the chamber, but they are talking as if they know all the answers and we are wrong,” It doen’t take professional engineers to tell you that this scheme is bonkers. Virtually all posters on all media… Read more »
Steve Goodman
(Again) The official Island approach to fixing unbroken important infrastructure, 1: Waste millions on ‘upgrading’ to an unknown number of years of unreliability the Cowes crossing relied on for the previous century and a half. The official Island approach to fixing unbroken important infrastructure, 2: Waste more millions to cause at least a year’s needless disruption ‘upgrading’ the roundabout working well outside Newport (unlike the one down… Read more »
Jenny Smart

That Conservative Cllr Chris Whitehouse is a piece of work.

Steve Goodman

(Him and his friends; see above; 3.35pm comment)

What ever is done at this roundabout it will not reduce the number of cars using it just hold them up with a set of traffic lights after spending millions playing with the road. The obvious answer would be to install traffic lights on the existing roundabout which are more intelligent than various others involved with this plan. No doubt there are readings available with time flows… Read more »
Alternative Perspective


Why are we not using the money to reinstate Undercliffe Drive ? We have had no end of surveys and plans costing lots of (our) money with no results. The traffic is being diverted along completely inappropriate small roads and confusion and dangers reign.. our small road was promised 20 mph roadsign by Dave before the last council election and hasn’t replied to our e mails since… Read more »
Yes let’s stop these ridiculous roadworks at St Mary’s costing circa £9.6 million and deal with the real problem at Coppins Bridge because that is the only solution to improve traffic flow through Newport. Please, please don’t open another can of worms by mentioning Undercliff Drive as this is just another crazy idea of Cllr Dave Stewart to open a road that he admits will have further… Read more »
I can’t believe that anybody in their right mind would spend a penny on reinstating the Undercliff Drive. It’s madness as it’s recognised as one of the most vulnerable areas of land slip in Europe. Even the council acknowledge this and have stated there could be further movement whatever works were undertaken. I read in the County Press yesterday regarding Dave Stewart’s comments about improving the Islands… Read more »

Whitwell Road is relatively “fine”, if a bit narrow and twisty in places – the real problem is the crossroads in the centre of Niton.

The only people spending any money on reinstating Undercliff Drive should be those who caused the problem. It was not a natural disaster, but the result of insufficient site investigation, and appallingly bad construction tecniques.


We need a reality check it was a natural disaster it’s blue slipper clay and how many times have we got to state “it’s one of the most well recognised areas of land movement in Europe” and it will happen again, so let’s stop discussing this and move on to more pressing issues please.

To repeat, the current closure was caused by the construction works at the time. That bit of road had survived since the war, with occasional patching, until the disturbance caused by this nonsense. Did you actually see the size of the excavation and the way the edge of the road was left unsupported? As for using data from boreholes further along the road, when the scheme relied… Read more »