Government Dead End for Paddle Steamer Ryde

No help from Government for PS Ryde

Regular VB readers will remember the recent online petition urging the Government to help save Paddle Steamer Ryde.

Islanders Urged to Help Save Paddle Steamer RydeWe’re informed today that a response has been forthcoming from the Government, but we expect, not welcome news for those trying to save the decaying paddle steamer.

More than 3,000 people signed the petition which stated “We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to do everything possible to prevent the proposed imminent scrapping of the historic paddle steamer Ryde in Binfield Marina in the Isle of Wight.”

Government’s Response
The owners of Paddle Steamer Ryde, Island Marine Holdings, went into receivership in 2009. Since then, National Historic Ships, the expert body which advises Government on the preservation of historic vessels, has been working with the parties involved with this case, including the Environment Agency, the administrators, and the appointed salvage contractor. The Committee has also conducted a survey of the vessel, which is in a very poor condition. Every effort is being taken to ensure that any deconstruction work on the vessel is carried out within the Committee’s published guidelines, to allow a careful recording of the vessel and to ensure that its key features are retained for use in other historic vessels.

The Government does not provide direct financial support for the acquisition, movement or conservation of historic ships, other than through the provision of grant-in-aid to those museums which hold vessels of historic significance in their collections. The Government’s draft Heritage Protection Bill will ensure that where historic ships are permanently fixed in one location, they will, as is currently the case, continue to be eligible for protection. However, they must be deemed to be of special historic, archaeological, architectural or artistic interest. Although it was not included in the legislative programme for 2009-10, the Government remains committed to the Bill and will continue to discuss the specific needs of historic vessels with National Historic Ships

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Tuesday, 30th March, 2010 2:15pm



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10 Comments on "Government Dead End for Paddle Steamer Ryde"

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i applause the government, for not giving in to this pathetic cause, this has been an eyesore for many years now and needs to go. 5* to the government

The Government’s response to this is entirely predictable, as whether they agree or disagree with the concept, they cannot be seen to back one cause and not another, so they will keep their distance and not get involved in any of them! As to the fate of PS Ryde, I’m not in the slightest bit interested in boats, and yet I’ve visited HMS Victory, SS Great Britain,… Read more »

I disagree, and I also don’t consider it to be an eyesore, in fact I consider dereliction to be aesthetically pleasing and fascinating. I am hardly alone in this as can be demonstrated by reviewing the many derelict buildings videos on youtube. But I would still love to see her restored.

paper tiger

Shame though….

simple simon
Post 1 – I think we can discount your views as you clearly can’t even write, let alone air reasonable views. This vessel is historic, served in the D-Day campaign and so much more. We should be ashamed as an Island that we can’t look after our heritage. It seems too late now for PS Ryde, but a sympathetic approach should be taken. Anything salvageable should at… Read more »
mrs james

Here Hear I say…
Thank You…

paper tiger

No need to be rude simple simon!! The island needs a decent museum to house anything in for a start!!


How much would it cost if say 5000 islanders all chipped in to have it restored?

paper tiger

About 3k each!

mrs james

Well I signed the petition as I would love to see it restored to former glory by a local company maybe but then Im old so maybe thats why eh?