Government responds to ‘Isle of Wight to host national Coronavirus quarantine centre’ rumour

The rumour claimed the Isle of Wight would host a national quarantine centre for those with Coronavirus. OnTheWight sought confirmation from the Department of Health

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Claims circling that the Isle of Wight will be the host for a national Coronavirus quarantine centre have been denied.

OnTheWight has spent the last week investigating the rumour with the national body that is coordinating preparations for Coronavirus (Covid-19) – the Department for Health (DoH).

National investigative journalist, Alex Varley-Winter, had been in extended communication with the DoH’s press team.

Finally, the head of the national Coronavirus desk press team clarified that there was no truth to the rumour.

Coronavirus assessment pod
A coronavirus assessment centre has been set up at St Mary’s Hospital for patients who are concerned they may have the virus.

The new contingency measures, being installed in A&E departments will prevent those who think they have symptoms of the coronavirus from mingling with vulnerable patients and will be directed to a pod.

All UK cases contracted abroad
At time of publishing there are 15 people in the UK diagnosed with Covid-19, all contracted abroad.

The coronavirus causes severe acute respiratory infection and symptoms usually start with a fever, followed by a dry cough.

Most people infected are likely to fully recover – just as they would from flu.

Image: Ani Kolleshi under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 27th February, 2020 12:17pm



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At least there is a pod on the Island, which can only be good news…


Having recently lost an elderly, very sick relative who was excellently looked after at St Mary’s but died there, I am sure that a number of readers will share my view that Jenny’s comments may be smart but, in this case, tactless.


Yes… I think Jenny’s surname is the most inappropriate surname ever… for her.


Nah, don’t believe this conspiracy theory rubbish.

I have heard from confidential sources that all the remaining survivors will move to the Island in order to defend humanity from Invasion of the Triffids.


Obviously some of our readers fail to appreciate the irony in Jenny’s comment.


Thanks to readers for their illuminating comments and apologies for not doing irony. I now understand that this is characteristic of some contributions here. I did once try to read “Hunting of the Snark” but its meaning eluded me…


Heard from a very reliable source who works for local government that the old HMP Camphill site will be used for this.


Would that source be the mythical “mate down the pub” by any chance?


Such an idea would surely migrate to infect the prison population?


That’s contrary to the purpose of a quarantine site…Mind you, that would probably be a good thing…get rid of a few wrong uns…


Any potential site needs to be ready for immediate use… Is Camphill ready for that ?? Probably not…

Jenny Smart

But you can understand the political thinking, the idea would not only please the Country, but also would get rid of a lot of the oldies clogging up St Mary’s hospital if they get infected and shuffle off a little earlier than expected.


Well if the island were to become an isolation site for Coronavirus cases the last thing the government is going to do is openly admit this until it has been enacted.


I’ve found over the years if you listen to what politicians and the government tell you, and then believe the opposite, you are more often than not much nearer the truth.


Wow. What a piece of work you are. Let’s hope your one of them, eh? No matter what your age. At least the gene pool will be stronger then.


I really don’t think Jenny is endorsing the idea, quite the opposite. I thought she was using the ancient weapon of snark to say it’s exactly the sort of thing our sociopathic political masters would think of…

No, Jenny isn’t endorsing the idea. The truth is this Government has brought our NHS to its knees, where there is simply no slack in the system or contingency for anything like the Coronavirus, How many Intensive Treatment beds are there in St Mary’s? Who will be allocated them? How will they be allocated? How many infected people will simply be abandoned in their homes? This is… Read more »