Green Party leader to lead discussion on role of EU on the Isle of Wight

Leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennett, will return to the Isle of Wight next week to lead a discussion on the role of the EU for Islanders, the future of businesses in East Cowes and cross-Solent transport.

Natalie Bennett and Vix Lowthion

Thanks to Vix Lowthion, Leader of the Isle of Wight Green Party, for news of this upcoming event. Ed

After her fleeting visit to the Isle of Wight during Bestival weekend, Green Party leader Natalie Bennett is returning to learn more about our Island.

This time she will be accompanied by the Green European Member of Parliament for the South East – Keith Taylor.

‘Green Island’ initiative
On the day (Friday 20th November), we are looking to launch our focus campaign for the year 2016 – ‘Green Island’.

This will be a year of revisiting and evaluating and progressing our Green credentials, particularly in the realm of jobs, business, community energy and renewable technologies. Events throughout 2016 will be on the calendar and plenty of opportunity for debate, consultation and for Islanders to participate.

Public welcome to afternoon discussion
In the afternoon there will be an opportunity to find out more about the European Union and the Isle of Wight at a public discussion meeting in East Cowes (more detail).

Vix said,

“It’s another boost for the Island party to meet with Green leaders on our doorstep so soon after the last visit, and show them why the Green Party on the Isle of Wight did well in the May elections.

“We have a busy 2016 coming up with our Green Island initiative, and an expected EU referendum. We’re getting the campaigns started early in order to fit it all in.”

“What can the EU do for the Isle of Wight?”
The public are welcome to attend the meeting at East Cowes Town Hall on 20th November between 3pm-5pm.

The discussion will focus on “What can the EU do for the Isle of Wight?”

Vix, Natalie and Keith will lead a discussion on the role of the EU for Islanders, the future of businesses in East Cowes and cross-Solent transport.

All are welcome.

Friday, 13th November, 2015 8:32am



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It’s done diddly squat for the island

Robert Jones

Not alone in that, though, is it?


Is screaming lord sutch joining them?

Mark Francis

He’s dead


I know. Howling laud hope is not as well known though is he. Mind you it would have got people looking up who he is and then the connection would have been made as well.

Bob Spendley
Well for a start the EU could give us Island status and the benefits of being an island for example subsidised travel rather than a hazard to navigation because of Hurst point is close to the mainland (you try walking it) Call me a cynic, but this seems like a visit by invitation of the islands green party candidate about stopping the East Cowes redevelopment to save… Read more »
Not cynical Bob but a very good point. What I’d like to know is why Vix is given sooo much space in OTW to put across her political agenda, either by direct stories like this or via the comments section where she is rarely absent and bangs out a green agenda comment on virtually every story. Is there some connection between OTW and Green party? Now that’s… Read more »
Gordon. I don’t know about the OTW bit but I agree with you about Vix. She is so in yer face politically and, to me, epitomises everything bad about politicians. She’s always right, everyone else is wrong and She doesn’t even have the good grace to accept that sometimes other people know better than her. Never met her so have only what I’ve read in the press… Read more »
Frank James
Unreasonable comments about OTW and Vix shouldn’t go unchallenged. Firstly, a notable OTW strength is to welcome contributions from anyone writing something useful and/or interesting, including material we will not all like or agree with, and seemingly to report fairly and without fear or favour. Letters and other items submitted are apparently published as written, unlike some of those published in the CP, for example. OTW seem… Read more »

Frank. I can only assume that you’re writing her biography or applying for a job as her press agent. Good luck with that.


And in la la land all the streets are paved with gold and green party politicians stand atop diamond encrusted pedestals where we can gaze upon their magnificence through rose tinted glasses.

Sally Perry
Time has taught us (ten years now!) that everyone publishing news will, from time to time, be accused of bias. We see the latest is us being told that we’re biased towards the Greens and Vix specifically. As Frank James said (Thanks Frank!), OnTheWight prides itself on being an inclusive publication. We look at items sent to us and if we think readers will be interested, we’ll… Read more »
Sally. I’ve only been reading OTW for the last 12 months so can only pass comment on what I’ve read. In this time you may well have published 100+ articles for the other parties but, to the best of my recollection, all of the ones I’ve read have not been favourable toward them so I wouldn’t worry about the accusation of bias. I agree that Vix has… Read more »
@ Gordon so you have only been reading OTW for the past year is that because you never bothered or you have only just discovered OTW . In the 10 years VB/OTW has been going I can only say that it is far better at reporting than the CP why because Sally and Simon will actualy print the whole story and not the story any political party… Read more »
Sally Perry
Leaping to Vix’s defence? Eh? You accused us of bias, so, of course, we responded to that. The Conservative articles we quoted only include those we’ve published that were written by Andrew Turner’s office. (We’ve rechecked the number and it appears that we’re slightly less biased towards Andrew Turner than we thought. It 40+ pieces we’ve published for him over the last 18 months (Feel free to… Read more »

I’m not angry at all or unhappy. OTW is a good laugh, especially the comments section.

Rod Manley

Under the NUTS classification, used in funding allocations and mapping for Assisted Area Status, the EU guidelines do not even recognise us as an island (sic!)in order to lay out contiguity. So much for EU policy for the regions!!

Rod Manley
The Green Party is blindly following the Government’s Devolution proposals.This is contrary to previous suggested devolution of powers talked about by progressives for some time. Mayors and “Super Councils” and “Northern Powerhouses” are direct lifts from the EU policy of the regions.It is easy for them to allocate funding, discriminate and control directly from Brussels. It is not democratic, it destroys local democracy, so why is the… Read more »

The EU has done precious little for the IW up to now so let’s get on with the referendum and vote “OUT”, Maybe then there will be more money available to invest at home.


Not only has the EU done precious little for the Island but it is doing harm to the whole country to remain as a member.I agree lets vote “Leave” and take control of our own destiny.

What a great idea, not terribly interested in the two failed parliamentary candidates, but I’d like to see how the elected MEP can justify some good reasons for staying in Europe and what, if any, action he has taken on behalf of the Isle of Wight during his time in office. I must add, that I am less interested in what he proposes he can do for… Read more »

Apologies…. **correction**

I am rather confusing european elections with the referendum, my brain must have been passing wind as I typed.

Still don’t know who the guy is though, and on a pedantic note I thought Bob Keats led/coordinated the IW Green Party-Vix was a candidate for a past election only.

Perhaps I can enlighten you. Vix failed as a parliamentary candidate in May. Unfortunately she got used to all the attention so has proclaimed herself the de facto spokesperson of the greens and will not rest until she has used every possible opportunity to tell those of us who didn’t vote for her just how wrong we were. I foresee another 4 years of propaganda via ‘friendly’… Read more »
Lord Bermondsey

100% bang on Gordon. She’s like a broken record. You lost treacle, get over it.

The Greens are a bunch of thinly disguised Lefties with a stay in the EU at any cost agenda. If we’re daft enough to vote for them we’ll find ourselves governed by those eurocrooks in Brussels, surrounded everywhere by wind farms and looking out on a vista of solar panels instead of green fields. The only thing the Greens and the EU can do for us is… Read more »
In all honesty, I can see little future for the EU now owing to the current security crisis. Major member states will take a protectionist/isolationist approach with strong border control, immigration restrictions and less sharing of intelligence. We are now in the not so early stages of a modern cold war, which may produce reforms within the EU not from negotiation but from necessity. Whilst we have… Read more »
Mike Vallender

gordon that might be so but isn’t that also the case shown by most of our Council members that comment on a myriad of topics on the articles here?


That may be true Mike but I don’t find them,collectively, anywhere near as annoying as Vix.


At least they are elected, I find it refreshing that they read and comment on opinion here.


Very good point.


I would agree that our councillors were elected but unfortunately it was on a tidal wave of apathy.

Very true, the best thing for the council to do is press the self destruct button and call an election with NEW candidates. We have had to put up with the same tired old faces for too long and change is needed. Lack of understanding often lays the blame at the MPs door for local government failings, we need to kill off the paperchasers and pen pushers,… Read more »
phil jordan
A.Pugin: Eight years of tired old faces in the previous administration that pretty much failed and has left an enduring legacy of dismal achievements… two and half years of this administration much of which has been dealing with the outfall and left over problems inherited and you want it gone….? Were you telling the previous administration that in 2007/2008 …? You do seem confused however….. this administration… Read more »
Robert Jones
Incredibly, the prime minister has lobbied his own county council in protest at cuts his government forced them to make. He appears to have no idea of the impact of his own policies: and our MP seems to be doing absolutely nothing to awaken him to the reality outlined in Phil Jordan’s remarks – it can’t go on like this: councils will simply fail to work at… Read more »
steve stubbings

Two consecutive great posts!
We are at war with a repugnant ideology which is systematically destroying local communities. And people persist in coming on here and posting about how bad our council is. *sigh*

Lord Bermondsey

@stubbsy…. At least those who’ve said how bad the council is have reached a decision.

Try it one day, you might find it helps the public.

Mike Vallender

Good reply Sally and thank for commenting and clarifying the values of this media site.


Yes,the situation is dire but the Council fiddles while Rome burns.