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Headteachers urged to show compassion for Youth Strike for Climate absences

Islanders protesting at climate march

Inspired by the actions of 16-year-old Greta Thumberg in Sweden last summer, this year up to 70,000 schoolchildren in 270 towns and cities worldwide have taken part in ‘Fridays For Future’ to demand that politicians take action to confront the Climate Emergency.

Monday, 11th February, 2019 8:33am

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Ordinary people left to suffer whilst MPs argue, pontificate and scheme, say Vix

vix lowthion and brexit bus

Vix Lowthion says that whilst Theresa May’s government has completely lost all ability to govern, ordinary people continue to suffer the unfairness and inequality, instability and disruption.

Thursday, 13th December, 2018 8:09am

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Rally and 34,000 strong petition calls for more SEND funding

vix lowthion -sen crisis

Vix Lowthion says every single child in our schools is being affected by "these appalling cuts to SEND education support for our most vulnerable and isolated young people". She joined others calling for more government funding.

Friday, 26th October, 2018 9:55am

By Vix Lowthion

Isle of Wight meets Isle of Man at Green Party Conference

Vix Lowthion and Max councillors photobomb by caroline lucas

Meeting fellow Green Party councillors from the Isle of Man at the party Conference, Vix Lowthion said they discussed the distinct Island identities and why Green policies really speak to the respective communities.

Monday, 8th October, 2018 2:11pm

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Film screening uncovering ‘corruption and secrecy’ of global offshore wealth

spiders web

This investigative documentary by John Christensen, Director of the Tax Justice Network, will be screened in Newport early next month.

Thursday, 27th September, 2018 6:49pm

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Lack of school bus places could result in 390,000 extra car journeys, say IW Greens

Vix Lowthion in Church Litten

In five school years of parents (2018-19 intake) having to drive their children to school because there are not enough places on the school bus will result in 390,000 extra car journeys on the Isle of Wight says IW Green Party.

Thursday, 6th September, 2018 1:44pm

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Isle of Wight Greens selects their parliamentary candidate

Caroline Lucas on the IW

Vix Lowthion, the parliamentary candidate in the 2015 and 2017 elections says she's overwhelmed to get such strong support to stand for the Isle of Wight in the next General Election.

Wednesday, 15th August, 2018 12:22pm

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Undercliff Drive: Over 100 residents share their views at ‘quiet road’ meeting

undercliff drive green tunnel

Over 100 residents attended a meeting on Saturday to explore options of Undercliff Drive being reopened to through traffic, becoming a 'quiet road' and other suggestions. Vix Lowthion who chaired the meeting shares her report.

Thursday, 2nd August, 2018 3:30pm

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Caroline Lucas MP makes last visit to the Isle of Wight as Green Party co-leader

Caroline Lucas on the IW

Green Party co-leader and MP, Caroline Lucas, was on the Isle of Wight again last weekend, this time in support of Isle of Wight Pride.

Tuesday, 24th July, 2018 11:22am

By Vix Lowthion

Undercliff Drive: ‘Quiet Road’ plans to be discussed at Coffee Morning

Vix lowthion - cycling through undercliff

A coffee morning held in Niton will allow discussion the options of reinstating Undercliff Drive, keeping it as it is, or enhancing the route as a Quiet Road for the use of residents, visitors, cyclists, horse riders and walkers.

Thursday, 12th July, 2018 11:31am

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Islanders for Europe to join People’s March

islanders for europe

Islanders for Europe will join others, including tens of thousands from across the UK and Gibraltar, to demand that the people, not just Conservative ministers, have their say on the final Brexit deal.

Wednesday, 20th June, 2018 7:07am

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Islanders vent anger over cuts to Lynnbottom Tip opening hours, says survey

angry bird hay bale

A survey carried out during half term found there is "deep anger and frustration concerning the reduced waste collection service" with over a 1,000 comments by council tax payers.

Monday, 4th June, 2018 5:04pm

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