Grounded floating bridge results in ‘huge queues’

The Isle of Wight council has simply said the “Floating Bridge is out of service temporarily” and not given any explanation of how it became grounded on a neap tide. Is this the ‘good floating bridge service during Cowes Week’ Cllr Ian Ward wanted?

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During its busiest week of the year, the Cowes floating bridge has grounded on the East Cowes bank, leaving passengers stranded on either side.

At 1.18pm the floating bridge was loaded with passengers and cars about to head over to Cowes from the east when it became grounded. Drivers had to reverse back up the slipway to leave the bridge.

This resulted in huge queues of foot passengers on the eastern bank wanting to get across for Cowes Week activities. A launch was quickly brought on to take foot passengers across the water in the meantime, but only around ten at a time.

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Floating bridge run aground

Floating bridge run aground

Floating bridge run aground

Floating bridge run aground

Ward: “Important we are provide people with good floating bridge service”
Just last week Cllr Ian Ward, Cabinet member for transport and infrastructure, said:

“Lendy Cowes Week 2018 is a chance to showcase our Island and attract visitors to our shores.

“It is, therefore, important that we are able to provide people with a good floating bridge service during this period.”

Official word
OnTheWight got in touch with IWC to find out what was happening and were told to check social media for updates.

Here’s what they tweeted at 2.35pm

The Jenny Lee is able to take a larger number of foot passengers so should be able to shift the queues faster than earlier launch.

Wednesday, 8th August, 2018 2:58pm



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Email updates?
The floating bridge shouldn’t have grounded on a neap tide. That must mean that they were taking too long selling tickets to pedestrians- something that we were concerned about when they started charging pedestrian fares. If thebridge stays stationary for too long, it does fewer crossings and risks grounding. But to ground on a neap tide means it was REALLY SLOW. Council greed gets it into trouble!!
Cllr. Ward is probably having a cosy chat with our Chief Executive Mr Metcalfe who is responsible for the procurement and performance of this vessel and also with our Leader Cllr. Stewart who likes to make sure all the visiting yachtsmen buy return tickets because there are no single tickets available. Why is it taking so long to collect fares from passengers that the Floating Bridge runs… Read more »



OOPS! and on a neap tide too!