Happy 20th Birthday Isle of Wight Radio

Happy birthday IW Radio

If you’re a regular listener to Isle of Wight Radio, you will have heard that today is their 20th Birthday.

Happy 20th Birthday Isle of Wight RadioThe radio station has undergone many changes over the years, but one thing that has remained constant throughout is the presence of John Hannam and his chat show, who this week chats with Grouty from Porridge.

The station was sold last August by the
Local Radio Company to an independent consortium, with changes to the programming and brand identity following soon afterwards.

Everyone at VB would like to wish Isle of Wight Radio a very happy birthday.

Thursday, 15th April, 2010 1:52pm


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6 Comments on "Happy 20th Birthday Isle of Wight Radio"

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Happy Birthday Isle of Wight Radio.

We may complain, but we’d miss you if you weren’t there.


I love John Hannam on a Sunday afternoon. It’s the only time I listen, but happy birthday guys.

Mr Justice

Happy Birthday. I don’t listen any more, but I wish you well.

Don Smith

I miss the ‘Phone-In’ I listen to IoW Radio in the car, but when I am on my computer (Far too many hours) I listen in to Ian (Macca) on Vectis Radio.

I enjoy the Phone-In’ on Vectis Radio and I think Ian presents it very professionally, without the insults and aggro. which we used to get from DH and AD.

Anyway! IoW Radio, ‘Congratulations’

fat boy fat

Happy Birthday Isle Of Wight Radio. Perhaps you could send Vectis Radio some Birthday cake.

Mr Justice

I wonder if they invited all the old presenters to the party?