Harbour Commission patrol boat to be built on the Isle of Wight

Diverse Marine are “delighted and thankful” to be given the contract to work with Cowes Harbour Commission in developing this new vessel and for boat-building on the Isle of Wight to be supported.

Diverse Marine RIB design

Charles shares this latest news on behalf of Diverse Marine, who saved many jobs at South Boats last year. Ed

Diverse Marine Ltd. and Cowes Harbour Commission are pleased to announce they have signed a contract for the design, construction and delivery of a 9m Patrol RIB.

The new vessel, designed in conjunction with Medtec Design Services of East Cowes, meets the criteria of being designed and built on the Isle of Wight.

Specification of design
The 9m Patrol RIB is to be constructed of aluminium to a heavy duty specification and will feature a flush deck with a track system for mounting additional seating or to allow reconfiguration to carry stores and equipment to the outer reaches of the harbour and beyond.

A single Volvo Penta D4 engine and Hamilton HJ274 water jet will propel the vessel to 30 knots in light conditions. 500mm ‘D’ shaped heavy duty inflatable tubes will maximise the internal beam whilst allowing soft landing against visiting yachts – whilst a foam filled solid bow provides the versatility to nudge and push vessels in light tug type operations.

McIntosh: Reputation for attention to detail
Capt. Stuart McIntosh, Harbour Master of Cowes, said,

“We are delighted to award the design and construction of our new patrol vessel to Diverse Marine, a local yard who have demonstrated a willingness to conceptualise and design a craft that meets our requirements.

“With the yard’s reputation for quality and attention to detail we are looking forward to delivery in time for our busy season.”

Colman: “Delighted and thankful”
Ben Colman of Diverse Marine Ltd said,

“We are delighted and thankful to be given the opportunity to work with Cowes Harbour Commission to develop this new vessel and to sign the contract for its construction.

“We look forward to delivering the craft for Cowes Harbour Commission and pleased that we could keep this build on the Isle of Wight.”

Friday, 11th January, 2019 11:37am


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Lovely and much appreciated that this is being kept local…well done CHC…and pleased that we have the marine engineering resources on the Island to support this commission.


Who could possibly have given a positive supportive comment a thumbs down…pathetic…!