Here’s your chance to help make the Isle of Wight better

Everyone’s got a pet theory on how the Isle of Wight can be improved. Here’s your opportunity to come along and voice it.


We’re all guilty of having a moan from time to time on social media about issues affecting ourselves or the Island as a whole.

But how do you go from moaning to actually helping to make things better – for yourself and everyone else too.

An event taking place next month brings with it the opportunity to help shape the future of our Island.

Open Forum welcomes all
The Association of Island Independents are inviting residents and businesses on the Isle of Wight to join them at this open forum event.

The ‘State of the Island’ takes place on Wednesday 6th September between 7-9pm at the Riverside Centre in Newport.

Share concerns and positive suggestions
Organisers say the aim of the event is to provide an open forum for Islanders to not only share their concerns about issues affecting the Island, but also to provide a non-political platform where ideas on how better, more sustainable services can be provided in the future.

Isle of Wight councillors are no longer able to pose questions to Cabinet members during the public full council meetings, so it’s hoped that issues raised at this open forum will guide future motions put forward by opposition councillors to ensure concerns remain on the policy agenda.

Future meetings with experts
This first meeting is designed to get a feel for the ‘lay of the land’ and could lead to future meetings which are more focused on specific areas.

Experts in those fields would be invited to present ideas and suggestions for a better way forward.

Organisers stress these meetings are not intended as somewhere to simply gripe and moan about issues, but to be a springboard for positive action.

Register your interest
To give organisers an idea of the number of people who may attend – please let them know by either confirming through the Facebook event page, or by calling/texting the Island Independent Association Secretary, Karen Lucioni on 07506 930 109.

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