High Winds Brings Trees Down Across The Island (updated)

VB readers share their sightings of trees down around the Island. Helping you plan your journey.

VB readers help keep the Isle of Wight informed again!

Fallen treeDuring the heavy winds last night, VB readers over on Facebook shared information with others about sightings of fallen trees and branches.

At 22.21 Sally McMillan told us, “Big Tree down across the road between Robin Hill and Staplers and a lot of smaller trees down across roads on the downs so be careful everyone.”

Reported to Police and Highways
Judie Rogers said at 22.38, “Just got home from Morrisons and as you come off at St George roundabout and head towards Morrisons/Marks and Spencers there is a tree right across road and onto other side. I’ve contacted police who are contacting highways, but just to let others know if travelling that way”

Karen Anderson at 23.26 said, “Just in case you didn’t already know…there’s a large branch down on Merstone Lane, but just about passable if you’re a car!”

And late into the night, Christopher Dobbas at 01.41 told us, “Just to inform, there’s a pretty hefty tree down on the road between Newchurch and Knighton in the pinch points. Completely blocking the road and not movable by one person!

Update 9.12: Sue Younghusband posted on our Facebook Wall just after 9am, “There’s a tree down at Hollow glade godshill,not a main road but used by many as a short cut.”

If you know of any other trees obstructing the roads, let us know below.

Update: 33 trees reported down
We asked the council Highways department for an update on trees down across the Island, there were a whopping 30+ reported to them.

Duver Road, St Helens tree across c/way
Beaper Shute outside the cricket ground Tree across c/way
Godshill Road Shanklin between Victoria Avenue and Apse Manor lane tree across c/way
Culver Parade SD Sand and stones on the carriageway
Undercliff Drive VT junction with Inglewood Drive tree across c/way.
Report of Sandown Road Lake on the skew bridge tree across c/way – no obstruction found
Victoria Avenue Junction of Albert street Tree across c/way – not found
Downend road NP near the Hare and Hounds Tree across c/way – not found
Merstone Lane Merstone outside the RSPCA Tree across c/way.
Hale common outside Jubilee Nursery Conifer across c/way – not found.
Longwood Lane Sandown tree across c/way.
Niton road RK tree across c/way.
Knighton Shute tree across c/way.
Mersley Downs Road between Knighton Shute and Duxmore Farm.
Luccombe Road Shanklin tree across c/way.
High Street Wootton Junction of Station road Traffic lights not working.
Fitzroy street SD outside 32 Tree Leaning over c/way.
Park Road Wootton below cycle track Trees across the c/way.
Long Lane Newport
Marvel Lane/Watergate Rd, Newport
St Georges approach, Newport
A3054 Yarmouth Rd, Nr Shalfleet
B3399 Hulverstone
Pan Lane, Newport
Shorwell Shute, Shorwell
Bowcombe Rd, Bowcombe
Junc Recreation Ground Rd/Carisbrooke Rd, Newport
Forest Rd x 3 Locations, Newport
Main Rd, Porchfield
Medina Way, Newport

They say that none of the above roads were closed.

Image: Richard Massoner under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 13th December, 2011 8:08am


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