Hole In Road Between Ventnor And Shanklin: Take Diversion

Yikes, hole in road causes diversion

Anyone planning to drive or catch the bus between Ventnor and Shanklin this morning should expect delays.

Leeson Road Closure:We’ve been informed there is a burst water main on Leeson Road (just before Ventnor) that is stopping access. We’d recommend diverting through upper Ventnor, Wroxall and Whiteley Bank.

We’ll let you know once we hear more.

Friday, 15th June, 2012 7:13am


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  1. if you are going to Ryde it is often quicker to take the 3 to Newport from Boots , then get a 9 to Ryde they leave the Bus Station approx 3 or 4 an hour , take 20 to 25 mins its just the same amount of time mostley ,if you need Shanklin get a 2 from Newport bit long winded for Shanklin .but doable .

  2. Usually there is a hole at the end of the road….. Ventnor!

  3. Tony Walton

    15.Jun.2012 9:45am

    Updates on Southern Vectis No3 from Ryde would be most appreciated.

  4. it did not take any longer actually to get to Shanklin or Ryde with the diversion in place which it still was at 15 30pm to day , Thats not a very nice comment Mr.JIM .B.but it might be me missing a joke or something ,
    For the fit its a nice walk to Shanklin , Any offers for the 77 miler tomorrow at 4am then?

  5. Brad Bull

    15.Jun.2012 5:18pm

    Does anyone know if its fixed or are they still looking into it??!!
    See you at 4 am for the 77 miler and thats know joke, Brad.

    • Sally Perry

      15.Jun.2012 5:56pm

      Diversion still in place at 5.30pm although you can drive through Bonchurch to get in and out of Ventnor without having to divert through Wroxall.

      • Janet Scott

        15.Jun.2012 6:53pm

        Thanks for that Sal. I wondered where abouts on Leeson it was as need to get to Shanklin early tomorrow.

        The Council webpage state closed until approx 7pm
        tonight and the hole is near St.Boniface Rd.

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